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Personal Statement for Nursing Accelerated Program - Paper Example

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University of California, Santa Barbara
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Personal statement
This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

I have always wanted to take care of patients. My interaction with vulnerable children and senior citizens has to deal with life-long illnesses such diabetes. I decided to take the accelerated nursing program to fulfill my desire. I fully understand the role of the Graduate Admission Committee in selecting deserving applicants for various courses. Therefore, this personal statement is a genuine expression of my personality, academic history, and attitude towards nursing that have informed my desire and willingness to take nursing as my career path. My intention to undertake accelerated nursing is one of the most important decisions that I have made. I strongly believe that nursing is a calling, not just a career where people can just earn a living. Dealing with dependent patients and assisting to recover from health problems has always been my passion. My previous involvement in social work allowed me to see nursing as one the most fulfilling way to spend my productive years. My numerous visits in health care facilities gave me an excellent opportunity to understand the need to have dedicated and passionate nurses who are ready to work under pressure just to keep give the patients the attention they need. Therefore, my decision to take accelerated nursing program is a defining moment in my life. This opportunity marks a critical turning point in my career life since becoming a nurse will make my life meaningful and satisfying. In particular, knowing that I will get a chance of taking care of patients and assisting them back to good health gives me a strong sense of purpose and I cannot wait for your response.

I believe I have all it takes to become not just another healthcare staff member but a very responsible and dedicated caregiver. I believe that my personality resonates well with the nursing career. I based this conclusion on the personal reflection I have made from my childhood to adulthood. I can confidently declare that I am selfless, caring, respectful, and empathetic. I believe these personal traits will assist me in handling patients, their relatives, and my colleagues in any setting. I fully understand the need to remain professional; hence, I am confident that I possess the emotional stability, flexibility, and interpersonal skills that I intend to develop as I embark on this journey of becoming a nurse. I also have a strong passion for making turning every situation into a learning experience.

As I apply and hope to find a place in your institution, I am glad to announce that my academic qualification is good enough as far as the requirements for this program is concerned. In my view, nursing is a sensitive career that requires not just commitment but excellent academic qualification. So far, I believe I have the intellectual capacity needed since I have on Deans List for four times. This means that I will have an easier time grasping all the technical concepts and theories of nursing that I need before I start working. I intend to continue with this trend of appearing among the top students in case. From my past experiences, I strongly believe in collaboration and teamwork as the best way to acquire and retain knowledge. I fully understand the need for academic excellence in nursing and the need to stay abreast with the ever-changing working environment in the healthcare sector. In my previous academic endeavor, attention to details, physical endurance, and problem-solving skills have been my pillar to success, which landed me on Deans List four times. Now that I intend to deal with human life, I fully understand that there is no room for mistakes, carelessness, or negative attitude.

Armed with the above traits, skills, and attitude, I believe my presence in the nursing fraternity is not just a career option but where I belong. Most importantly, my eagerness to learn and stay updated through research will be very instrumental in defining my nursing skills. It also reflects my readiness to work in any situation, serve any community, adapt to different cultures, and succeed despite the many possible challenges. I am psychologically prepared to face career-related challenges thanks to a thorough research I did before making my final decision to join nursing. With flexibility and continuing my learning and researching tradition, I believe I can always face emerging challenges.

In summary, I am fully prepared to take this course. This is a reflection that summarizes my personality, my beliefs, accomplishments, and my strong desires to pursue nursing. While this personal statement has everything to with the reasons that for my decision to pursue nursing, I am impressed with what your institution offers. As an aspiring nurse, I find this position as a golden opportunity to follow my heart. I need a learning environment that will keep my spirit high and stay reminded of my career goals. Therefore, I believe I made a wise decision to choose your institution. I hope the members of the Graduate Admission Committee will see the nurse in me by just reading this brief personal statement.

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