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Introduction to my Portfolio Essay

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Sewanee University of the South
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This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

Literature is a fascinating field for it aids students like I to express our views and thoughts in a manner that other individuals cannot. Throughout my writing, I have had a vast knowledge and new ideas and approaches towards writing as well as my mastery of my English.

I have come along and embraced a very effective writing process. This involves various steps. The first step is prewriting whereby I set my mind ready for writing and focus on the particular aspect that is writing about. The second step of my writing process is the writing itself whereby I take my time to scroll down what is in my mind about the particular aspect that I was to write about. The third step in my writing process is revising whereby I identify if my story is in line with the given topic of study and the correct scope. Here, I make the relevant changes towards the flow of my story. The fourth step involves editing my work whereby I check for any mistakes that may be present in my story. These include the grammatical mistakes that I am present. The last step involves publishing my document.

The essays in my portfolio include detailed and comprehensive essays that focus on the critical information of a particular aspect. They involve the critical analysis of information and a properly and well-arranged flow of ideas that are not biased but through information obtained from research.

The reader to my work involves people who have a greater eye for detail. They are individuals with a passion for reading essays with a good grammatical command and expertise. They involve people with a broad range of ideas and find interest in properly and well-articulated ideas. Those are the readers of my works.


I have written a lot of essays with similar and different processes. Some of these essays have been my favorite while others have been very challenging. In these essays, I have covered various topics of discussion.

The various topics of discussion that I have looked at are Conspiracy theory concerning the outbreak of HIV/AIDS, Immigration: Causes and Effects, a narrative which involves analyzing the life and expectations of an outstanding classmate and also the social life which looks at either one is a fox or a hedgehog. These are the various topics that I have covered in my work.

I have had various processes of writing according to the kind of topic that I have been handling. Some of the topics involve research, and I have had to conduct some research and compile the information that I have obtained in the course of my research and then use that information in my topic of discussion. In the other normal topics, I have used the normal process of compiling the portfolio.

I have come along favorite as well as very challenging works. One of my favorite works is on the topic of migration. This is whereby I was to look at the causes that are leading to migration as well as the effects that are brought about due to migration. This was a very interesting topic to me because it involves my personal life and what I have gone through in life. Also, it is a very simple topic of discussion.

However, I have come across very difficult tasks in my course of writing. One of the difficult tasks that I encountered is on the conspiracy theory concerning the spread of HIV/AIDS. This is because the outbreak of the disease is still complex and writing about it is harder due to the few amount of resources that are available concerning that topic.

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