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Exploring Equity in Special Education - Article Review Example

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Sewanee University of the South
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Article review
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This study entails the analysis of the statistics as per the education sector along with surveys carried out by various stakeholders. The figures are 6.6 million children, and you have been identified people with disabilities which is 13 % of the people enrolled in the education forum. However, this rating varies across the states which is quite logical, but the different criteria they use in the determination of people with disability seems to be the cause of the difference among the statistical figures. Such a significant margin lies between the states with the highest number of such cases to the lowest, New York has a 17.8%, mark Massachusetts is at 17.6%, while Idaho is at 9.8% and finally, Texas is at 8.6 % being the lowest.

The fact that each district was given a mandated of using its procedures for determining the cases of disabled people that about the inequity among the states. Figures corrected at the district level are transmitted and compiled at the state level. One can improve quality among as being disabled in one country while in the other you belong to the category of ordinary youths and children. It is, therefore, challenging to plan and distribute the required resources to aid the learning of those with disabilities. Some genuine victims lack these necessities.

A survey was carried out to monitor the classification of the students in their schools. It entailed the different stakeholders, teachers, principals and directors across the states. Half of the people involved in the survey seemed to be okay with the numbers. Teachers and school principals seemed to advocate for the more categorization of students with disabilities while the directors were of the opinion of trying to slush the number as it was high. The teachers understand the learning environment and their advocating for inclusion implies there is a need for more learning aids. The directors seem interested in cutting the cost of running an educational institution at the expense of quality education. The states with higher numbers of individuals classified were of the opinion of more people should be classified as compared to those with lesser categorized individuals. They seemed the effectiveness of Response to Intervention practice.

The following factors have attributed to the high and low rates of special students. Response to Intervention led to the under classification of such cases. It involves the monitoring of students at their early age and identifying those with learning and behavioral needs. They are assigned specialized care and support to correct this problem .it requires a join support from the parent and the teachers to encourage and motivate students. Students learning English as their second language are often categorized as disabled. All they require is a committed teacher to facilitate their mastery of the language skill and patience on behalf of the teacher. Many students who are categorized are victims of poor teaching practice where the teacher may fail to engage all the students in a lesson and use different approaches to aid their understanding

It is a book tries to outline the research on the equity in special education across the states in US written by Dr. Thomas Reap who has a postgraduate degree in education and a Ph.D. in psychology. She is the founder Centris group which is a software firm that has focuses on providing education to the exceptional student in New Jersey and New York. Her experience of being a psychologist teacher in a school and a Director of Special Education she has both the knowledge and the skills of running this sector. She is, therefore, able to create such a competitive firm. Her co-author is Jo Ann Hanrahan she posts graduate degree in education arts. She has the experience as she started her career as a teacher before acquiring an administrative position. She is passionate about the education system and engages in research on how technology can be used to enhance learning at all stages.

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