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Essay on Shareholder, Stockholder, Employees, and Sustainable Values at DELL

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Businesses are usually formed to maximize the value to their shareholders and owners. In any case, they are only expected to ensure that they make significant returns and avoid making avoidable losses for its owners. However, over the last two decades or so, the tide has shifted and most of the organizations are trying to reconcile the shareholders needs to the stakeholders needs. Therefore, in addition to boosting the companys bottom line, organizations are also looking forward to addressing the issues affecting other stakeholders as well. For example, addressing most of the challenges in the country like the environment, which has been under the scope of corporate social responsibility (CSR). In that light, DELL EMCs governance will be taken into critique to determine some of the shareholder, stakeholder, and sustainability initiative values.

DELL Technologies focuses on helping its customers realize their dreams by delivering cutting-edge technology solutions that help them achieve more anywhere in the world. However, despite their need to satisfy their shareholders, the organization has a clear focus on its corporate social responsibility to the society (Dell, 2018). To demonstrate their commitment to it, the organization has clear dedication to transparency, collaboration and stakeholder engagement. The company collaborates with stakeholders and other partners to determine what to take accountability of to ensure they create sustainable values to all the stakeholders. According to Noked (2013), stakeholder engagement could have a number of impacts on its users. His review notes how it enhances corporate value considering that the stakeholders have a direct impact on the success and failure of the company. More so, stakeholder engagement at a company rises sustainable and responsible investing for an organization considering that potential shareholders and investors are keen on engaging with organizations with strong corporate citizenship.

At DELL EMC, there is clear stakeholder engagement at different levels. The company is not only focused on achieving their bottom-line, instead, it is also focused on its other stakeholders, as well as the maximization of their value as well. For example, the company is especially keen with raising strong environment platforms to help them play by the rules as well as improve its sustainability. The company incorporates sustainability in everything it does, from everything in between and including design and recycling. Generally, DELL has worked hard to minimize its impact to the environment especially in the making of their products. Its operations have been made sustainable through effective waste management, efficient use of resources and focus to improve the organizations local environment (Dell, 2018). Packaging has also been made efficient and clearly focused on enhancing the environment. As a matter of fact, the organization is clearly cautious of its impact to the immediate environment, hence, most of its operations are made to create value while enhancing sustainability. Not only are the efforts focused at environmental platforms, but also on social platforms. For example, their reporting is top-notch and objective, thus addressing the growing commitment to the planet and society as well. Technology and innovation has created what they refer to as Building a legacy of good where positive social and environmental results can be observed (Dell, 2018). For instance, the well monitored supply chain considerate of human rights, diversity inclusion at the workplace, and community-focused programs as well.

Clearly, the organization is doing well, and will continue to do good even in the future. Their corporate social responsibility is commendable and should be adopted by other organizations as well. A balance can be attained between shareholder and stakeholders value that will not damage the company in the process.


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