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Business Plan Example: Research Methods and Processes

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Sewanee University of the South
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Business plan
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How and why have you chosen/decided on the research methods and processes which you are using/have used for the development of your Major Project?

How would you describe these to:

a reader of your Major Project and/or

a future employer

(max. 550 words) The chief task of the researcher is to gather information. Information is collected through interviews, questionnaires, observations, surveys and focus groups among other methods. In the current study, I will collect information using interviews and a focus group interview. In addition to interviews and focus groups, I will review relevant documents and past research focusing on coming up with business proposals. Researchers collect qualitative data through carrying out interviews, more so, if the focus is to get a perspective of what meaning the participants have given to a particular phenomenon. The main research method used in gathering information for this research study will be qualitative research method. The use of in-depth interviews will enable collection of adequate information concerning the variables being analyzed. Qualitative approach is incorporated in the research process because it provides answers to questions and in gathering evidence. Qualitative orientation was chosen when the purpose was characterized by capturing the experiences and interpretations of previous events and by creating a holistic understanding of a phenomenon. Additionally, the approach will also help in collecting data that concerns the opinions of people concerning the questions asked. It is also important in comprehending and understanding intangible features that are not easily available. This approach will help in the assessment of the preferences of tourists.

In-depth interviews and observation are the two research approaches that will be used as part of the qualitative approach. These variables will provide the answers to the questions in the above study objectives. Qualitative research technique has several advantages. First, it is flexible and thus enables the researcher to group the responses as stated by the calculations. Secondly, qualitative research method is simple and friendly. It is easy to supervise interviews and handle the feedback from the chosen population. Thirdly, the approach is formal and helps in the accessibility of primary stakeholders. Other than analyzing the existing literature, getting first-hand information from the stakeholders increases the validity of the information. Qualitative research approach is also used because it makes it easier to gain access of statistical and numerical data my research. Gathering of information about the level of economic growth is facilitated by this approach. In-depth interviews and secondary data review, which are part of qualitative research techniques, are the two methods that will be used in this research. As such, the research depends wholly on qualitative approach as its main research method. Tangible results can only be obtained through an analysis of the theoretical perspective of this study by the use of qualitative approach. An exploratory study system will be incorporated as well. This is a great way of establishing what is taking place while seeking new insights, asking questions and evaluation of phenomena in better ways. Literature & sources

What are the most important theories/literature/evidence sources which you are using to justify your research and your Major Project?

Why are these sources important and fundamental to your work?

(max. 550 words) The study will utilize two types of data obtained from various sources. First, the study will rely on primary data collected from tourists. These types of data are essential in giving first-hand information of the situations in the touring agency companies.

Secondly, to improve the credibility of the results, secondary information from periodicals, journals, and books relating to touring agencies will also be used. This involves supporting the qualitative data findings with recent research based evidence from various sources. The precision of and concreteness of proof on strategies of employee engagement is thus established through such an approach.

The purposes of qualitative research focus on understanding something, they relate to the type of knowledge that is going to occur. This can be: understanding the meaning of events, situations and actions from the perspective of their own participants; the understanding of a particular context in which subjects act and the influence of that context on their actions; the identification of unexpected phenomena and influences and the generation of new theory from the data; the understanding of the process by which these phenomena take place; and the development of local causality. The system of concepts, assumptions, expectations, beliefs and theories that support and inform research - is a crucial aspect of design. The role of the theory is to inform the rest of the design, to help assess its purposes, to develop and select relevant research questions and methods, and to identify potential threats of validity. The conceptual context requires a critical consideration of existing theory, not merely a summary or quotation thereof. It incorporates aspects that are taken from different sources, but the structure, the coherence, is built for the research to be developed, is not something that already exists. In it, "implicit met theoretical options, the choice of a specific theory as source and support for the conceptualizations, the theoretical methodological strategies apprehended in our discipline and our scientific community and our subjective way of seeing the social world are put into play" (Scribano, 2013). To get the right quality, the sources that will be used will have to conform to various qualitative analyses; quality control will then done on the books that were used in the literature used for the study. The quality controls are the standards that will be used to ensure that the sources used for the analysis conform to the standards of research. In this way, quality control will be ensured that there was the proper search of literature used for examination. All this will be done to ensure that all the books used thereof conform to the topical issue and help with the required information. The credibility of the study will be enhanced by the use of multiple databases for data collection, with the inclusion criterion that only peer-reviewed, research ethically approved studies are to be included. The quality of the studies with a systematic review template will further strengthen the credibility. In order to enhance the reliability of the study, the data collection and analysis methodology will be carefully described with the aim of creating transparency and reproducibility. Using a well-established method of analysis, a low degree of understanding and an objective approach will strengthen the study's affirmative ability. Your Knowledge

What key areas of knowledge have you gained from undertaking your research and the Major Project?

Indicate why these are so important to you?

(max. 400 words) While carrying out this research study, I as the researcher gained a lot of insight and understanding on issues relating to the touring agency industry. The research performance and the analysis and assessment of the research tools helped me into becoming a better me, a better leader and improving myself further. In addition to that, it help me manage my time well. The research process helped in horning my time management skills.

Additionally, through conducting this research, I also learnt to be competent and focused with my work. A lot of materials that I used were present in the main library and the internet. On most occasions, it so happens that researchers get distracted and indulge in unnecessary and time wasting activities especially when researching from the internet. Therefore, it is important to be focused when carrying out the research and keeping the research restricted to the main points. When conducting my research, I not only learnt to be methodical but also systematic and to differentiate between helpful and unhelpful materials.

Another essential capability that I learnt while conducting this research was that competence and focus. Since many relevant materials were present in the library and the web resources, it is very natural that researchers would be diverted and include the unnecessary elements in the research. In addition I learnt the following:

To independently manage a research project

To think critically and analyse

To use the knowledge I had acquired in solving issues creatively

To work collaboratively with other individuals people from diverse groups and disciplines

To apply critical research and enquiry skills

To be professional in my approach to research and work

To deal with complicated, unpredictable issues and thus make informed decisions

To take responsibility for my learning, growth, and development

To critically examine texts and extracting meaning

To communicate my ideas effectively in different ways and to individuals with varying levels of knowledge

To be a self-motivated and independent learner Your Learning

What are the most important aspects/examples of learning and/or skills which you have gained from:

undertaking the MBA programme,

following through your research, and

applying your knowledge and what you have learnt in your Major Project

(max. 400 words) The primary objective for joining the MBA program was to increase the knowledge that the researcher can apply at the workplace and be a better head. The MBA program would be helpful in assisting me to become an independent and secure official. The program has further increased the idea of practicality and enhanced the skills of problem solving and communication abilities. The modules and the assignments made during the program would also assist me in becoming a better head and learning the realistic scenarios in work.

When conducting the research, I as a researcher went through a huge number of books, articles, journals and web resources. These secondary and primary resources expanded my knowledge on the existing circumstances on touring agency industry and its influences on tourism. The scrupulous methods of proceeding with the research assisted me in learning the plans in a better way and be cautious of the risks and difficulties during the research. Another essential thing that all researchers would learn including me during this research is the ways to manage the time. Critical Thinking and your ideas

In carrying out your research, your analysis, your evaluation of evidence, and in identifying or proposing conclusions, what has been the most important discovery, or piece of evidence, or theory, or viewpoint, or critical idea, or critical addition to your knowledge, or other item of importance and why?

With every interview, my confidence level increased and I became more open while making conversations with these new customers and employees. The entire process of research helped me expanding my level of thinking and helped to reflect over and above the probable explanations.

This research further helped me to gain knowledge on the employer and employee relations and the relationship of customers and employees. While conducting research I had to handle data collection that helped in learning better performance during data gathering. Barriers met

What were the main difficulties and barriers which you were face with in:

undertaking your research, and

completing your Major Project

(max. 400 words) Research on MBA program based on the primary and secondary resources is a very evident part of any MBA course. The difficult part of the research was the collection of data real and definite data and the empirical ana...

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