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Chesapeake IT Consulting - Case Study Example

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Case study
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Chesapeake IT Consulting (CIC) is a national security technology small to mid-size business that offers information technology services. Aside from information technology services, it also provides cyber security solutions and infrastructure design and administration services to make sure that its customers are secure, prosperous and stable. With over 20 years of experience, CIC offers enterprise administration, load-balancing, and monitoring, JAVA development for client web applications, Linux system customization and authorization of management services (Chesapeake IT Consulting, Inc., 2017). Generally, the firm offers services in Business Process Consulting, IT Outsourcing and IT Consulting. The company traces its foundation to May 2004 and has approximately 400 employees with its Chief Executive Officer being Alvin Morrison. Its headquarters are located in Baltimore, Maryland. Recently, the company has set up satellite offices in Virginia, Bethesda, and Herndon.

Organizational Strategy

CICs business strategy is to provide excellent consulting services and recommendation to its customers. This is done by employing highly skilled consultants and staying up-to-date with new business ideas and technology and coming up with new business concepts of its own. Coming up with an IT solution for the hiring system would be of the essence to the company in achieving its business strategy in the sense that it will replace the manual process which is tedious and time-consuming. Also, this would be a long-term cost effective project that would help the management keep record of skills and qualifications of its employees so that these employees can be posted in their area of specialization appropriately when needed. As the CFO, Marianne Cho explains, having cost effective strategies that improve current conditions and provide a chance for future development would help in the firms success. Finally, this system would assist in finding adequate and qualified employees within the shortest time possible, when contracts arrive hence saving on time.

People and Technology

Each of the stakeholders in the company has identified a gap in the current manual staff recruitment system. In this light, they aspire that the IT-based solution will cater for these loopholes. The CEO expects that the system will aid in addressing the shortcomings in the current hiring system, in that the right, qualified and talented people can be quickly hired to deliver exemplary services to the customers. The CFO anticipates that the system will be cost-effective in the hiring process, as compared to the current manual hiring process. She also looks forward to a long-lasting solution. The CIO expects that the project will adhere to the IT strategic plans of the company, in that it will be compatible with the companys existing architecture of not having a large software development staff. The Director of HR expects that the system will meet the hiring and staffing demands that the manual system could not address. The manager of Recruiting envisions that the system will help the company identify and recruit IT talented individuals in time before competing firms snap them within a 3-month period. Recruiters need a time-effective system that will enable them to get application interviews in time and give feedback to applicants within the shortest time possible. The Administrative Assistant needs an electronic system that would reduce the paperwork and ease workflow in the case of many applications.


It is clear that the hiring process in Chesapeake IT Consulting is a primary issue of concern. The process is divided into four sub-processes that the recruiting staff must follow to ensure that the most competent and qualified persons are hired for the available positions where their skills are needed. The table below contrasts the current process and the future process that the company wishes to accomplish after the implementation of the system, along with the benefits that the business will accrue due to these changes.

Hiring process As is process To be process Business benefits of improved process

Receiving applications Applications are received by two full time recruiters and at times the Manager of Recruiting gives a hand. The current process is manual. The companys management looks forward to having an electronic system of receiving applications. Applicants would be impressed by the technology and efficiency and therefore the companys image would grow.

Matching applications with open job requisitions One of the managers in one of the companys business areas offers a job requisition to the recruiters. It is then the job of the recruiters to match the candidate with the open job requisition based on their application. The Hiring Manager would want a dashboard from which he/she could see the information on all qualified candidate and the status of any job openings in his/her area and where these candidates are in the recruitment process. The Hiring Managers would quickly identify the top candidates for the job requisitions.

Screening Resumes The screening of resumes is done by the recruiters who forward the best qualified applicants to the managers in the various business areas that exist in the firm. The IT based solution will screen the resumes electronically for the skills that are relevant to the firm during recruitment. The work load would be reduced on the recruiters. This would result into high turnout due to IT integration. Furthermore, the hiring process would be staff critical and time-sensitive.

Scheduling interviews After the recruiters have screened the resumes, it is the duty of the Administrative Assistant to route the resumes and applications via interoffice mail to the appropriate hiring manager and receive feedback on who they would like to interview. The Administrative assistant then arranges for the interview based on applicants availability and availability of the interview team members. The Hiring Manager envisions a system that could schedule interviews electronically in her/her calendar This would help save time and speed up the recruitment process in general. Prospective candidates would be interviewed and the best candidates selected in time.


To make the hiring process in CIC efficient, the new system will need to collect data and store this data for processing. This information would be required by various stakeholders in the company during the recruitment process.

Data/Information Requirement

Introductory Opening Sentence Critical Data/Information Items For This Hiring Information System Solution Stakeholder(s) Who Would Use This Critical Data/Information

The recruiters would need to know the applicants qualification in order to match it with the open job requisitions provided by the Managers in different functional areas. Applicants qualifications Recruiters

The Hiring manager needs to know the date of interview so as to attend the vetting process and pass judgement on potential recruits. Date of interview Hiring manager

The Hiring Manager in a functional area would need to know Job post being applied for Hiring managers

Since it is the work of the Administrative Assistant to schedule interviews, he needs the names of the interviewers in case he needs to contact them. Contacts of the interviewers Administrative Assistant

Recruiters will need the name of the hiring manager in case they would want to know the job openings in particular departments. Name of the Hiring Manager Recruiters

The recruiters will use the contacts of the applicant to reach out to them in order to provide feedback concerning their application. Contacts of the applicant Recruiters

The Administrative Assistant will use the amount of pay to produce the pay roll. Employees amount of pay Administrative Assistant

Knowing the open job positions in the firm is imperative in matching the applicants skills. Open job requisitions Hiring manager

When hiring, the Hiring Manager would use the applicants experience in the job post being applied for so as to distinguish between potential candidates. Applicants experience Hiring manager

The Hiring Manager would need to have information pertaining qualified candidates so as to easily schedule for and interview Information on all qualified candidates Hiring manager


Chesapeake IT Consulting, Inc. (n.d.). Retrieved November 05, 2017, from

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