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Essay on Marketing Communication Mix Components

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One of the most significant factors that have contributed to the success of Nike is its marketing strategy. They have always focused on branding their products, and they have been so successful that their logo and slogan are easily identified by anyone. Nikes slogan just do it is simple, memorable and relevant for its market.

Nikes integrated marketing communication strategies involve activities geared towards communicating the companys brand image by using promotions, advertising, public relations and personal selling. Communicating the brand image is crucial to creating product awareness, adding value to the products and persuading the existing customers to try out new products. Nikes communication mix is comprised of sales promotion, direct and online marketing, personal selling, advertising and public relations.

Nikes advertising strategy has evolved over time. Initially, it began with using professional athletes, who are the target market for Nikes goods, to advertise their product through word of mouth. This helped in ensuring good publicity for Nike products (Business and Marketing Strategy of Nike, 2018). To facilitate market expansion, Nike expanded its target market to include teenagers and young consumers.

To promote sales in this market segment, Nike has made use of emotional marketing. Nike has built its brand around determination. Nike makes use of the typical story of a hero, who struggles until they emerge victoriously. Notably, this has helped the company promote customer loyalty, simply because they relate to the struggle that precedes success.

Nike has used public relations as a marketing strategy. In 1998, the company faced reputational damage due to criticism over its poor labor and environmental standards. This, in turn, affected the companys sales and shared price (Business and Marketing Strategy of Nike, 2018). As a strategy to restore a positive company image and thus promote the sale of their products, the company focused on improving the working conditions of employees in their factories.

Additionally, the company engaged in corporate social responsibility upgraded the companys code of conduct and participated fully in coalitions that were aimed at promoting social responsibility. These are all public relations strategies that are aimed at creating a positive corporate image which helps in fostering company loyalty.

Discuss The Firms Advertising Media Mix (Broadcast, Print, Electronic)

Nike has made efforts in ensuring direct and online marketing of their products. In the recent past, Nike has focused on shifting the nature of its service by introducing a mobile application through which they can interact with customers directly. The Nike App can be customized to fit the profile of the user. For example, for a woman, it will feature female attire and footwear that the customer is likely to be drawn to. The importance of products satisfaction are given to the consumers thanks to Nikes relevant strategies. The company is known especially for distributing its products across the world where there is likely to be the existence of sports as well as sportswear.

An app is a marketing tool through which customers are provided with a range of products that are likely to suit them based on their interests and also makes it easier for the customer to make purchases (How Nike's marketing strategies helped it become a global brand, 2018). Initiatives to ensure direct interaction with the consumers also give the company an edge over competitors such as Adidas who have not yet adapted this strategy.

Media mix refers to the combination of advertisement channels used in meeting the pre- set marketing objectives. Nike has made use of printed, digital as well as social media in achieving these objectives. Nike has gone a step further and used sports teams as sports networks as their channels. Nike has promoted its brands by using short films that are aimed at inspiring customer loyalty. Nikes commercials convey a message of hope, determination, and hardwork in carrying out everyday activities. These are all relatable to their audience.

The company uses content marketing on its social media platforms. Nike has gone beyond simply marketing their products to selling the lifestyle of just doing it. Nike has adopted social media strategies tailored to various market segments. For example, there are commercials that focus on woman empowerment through Nike products (How Nike's marketing strategies helped it become a global brand, 2018). In addition, the company has adopted a community of brand ambassadors as a strategy of staying relevant. Nike personifies its brand by putting famous faces such as Serena Williams and Tiger Woods under their brand.

Consequently, customers associate Nike products with the success of these figures and buy the same products. Moreover, the company focuses on ensuring that their commercials are of top quality and bring together their content, media, and brand in marketing. Nike, therefore, chooses to apply short advertisements in branding that can, in turn, have many views on social media platforms. Their commercials and content stand out from the rest as they are entertaining in nature, yet still conveying an inspirational message and promoting the product.

In conclusion, it is evident that all elements of the advertising media mix are crucial in ensuring the success of a company. In addition, using integrated mixed communication has been crucial to Nikes success. Hence, it is important for companies to adopt sales promotion, direct and online marketing, personal selling, advertising and public relations in marketing.


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