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Marketing Management: Nike Shoes

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Nike shoes are perhaps the most worn and one of the best sports shoes across the world. Nike shoes are products of Nike Company hitherto known as Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS) which was founded in 1964. BRS operated as a distributor of Onitsuka Tiger (currently ASICS) - a Japanese shoe maker- before they parted ways in 1971 to operate as Nike. Through Nikes vigorous marketing strategy led by John Brown and Partners agency, the company had managed a 50% market share in the United States athletics shoe market. Apart from shoes, Nike produces other sports equipment including base layers, jerseys, cleats and shorts. However, Shoes remain the most popular Nike's products with a variety of models such as running shoes, tennis shoes, and even cricket shoes.

Nike shoes have topped the athletics shoe market because of their unique features. The shoes come with different models with every sport having a specific design and style of footwear. Additionally, the herringbone pattern and the solid rubber which comes with Nike shoes provide excellent support and comfort to users. Also, Nike shoes are flexible, lightweight and durable- the features that make them the most preferred sports shoes globally.

Nike has been able to expand its products mix and meet the customer expectations in most market segments through the successful employment of the 4ps in the marketing mix. The use of original 4 Ps of marketing (place, promotion, product, and price) has enabled Nike to expand its shoe market maximally. The "Place" in the marketing mix entails the distribution in Nike's market mix. The company's distribution strategy has enabled it to sell shoes to a large number of outlets globally. Large firm retails such as Walmart form the most significant venue for Nike's shoes (Brohi et al. 2016). Also, through Nikes official online store and Niketown retail outlets the company can control the distribution and sale of shoes.

Furthermore, Nike's promotional mix forms the basis for the company's maintenance of a strong brand image. The effective promotion has helped the company communicate well with its target market. Such promotional activities like advertising, personal selling, direct marketing, sales promotion and public relations (PR) have contributed a lot to Nike's capability to win customers (Brohi et al., 2016) Nikes advertisement is mainly through celebrities like prominent athletes and sports teams.

The product mix in Nike shoes has significantly determined a lot on the ability of the company to control large athletic shoe market. As aforementioned, the company produces a variety of models based on the specific sport. For example, the company has a special quality of shoes for cricket which is 30% lighter than their rival's products.

Finally, Nike's application of value-based pricing strategy has facilitated increment in sales and profit of the company. This entails the company measuring the value that customers are willing to pay for the for every shoe model a strategy that targets consumers of premium segments

Nikes employment of the 4Ps new marketing elements has also contributed to its ability to remain the best company in shoes wear (Baines et al. 2017). The company has capitalized in the employment of competent human resource who help them deliver shoes to their customers effectively. This includes continuous training they offer for employees to remain well equipped as per the customer needs.

Additionally, the process through which Nike delivers their shoes to customers is equally important. The company has defined process of ordering products through both online stores and Niketowns outlets. The company has a well-defined shipping process for online customers including a specified number of days the product takes to be delivered. This element has enabled Nike to tap worldwide market efficiently (Baines et al. 2017).

Nikes performance strategy involves annual evaluation of the company's strategies and frequent assessment to measure the performance. Regular Nike's annual general meetings involve among other agendas measuring the performance of their strategies regarding profitability and increment in sales. This has significantly helped the company get more customers depending on their performance in athletics shoe market.

Finally, Nikes programs element and its significance to companys growth should be mentioned. Apparently, you cannot separate products from the program that is used for the Nike shoes to reach people. Programs such as blogging and use of social media have enabled Nike to reach a large number of potential shoe customers thus increasing sales and profits.



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