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Essay on Marketing and the Health Care System

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McKesson is a health care provider located in the United States, and it is currently the largest when it comes to distribution of pharmaceutical products. The healthcare provider has been in existence for a good number of years as it also takes part in the acquisition of property that helps in marketing its products. For instance, McKesson acquired about 50% of a neighboring company in the year 2013 as a way of increasing its service provision and reaching the global levels when it comes to medically related matters. McKesson earns a yearly revenue of about $138 billion, and all this comes from the sale of pharmaceutical products and provision of clinical services to those who have minor illnesses.

The healthcare provider has been undertaking some marketing activities to ensure that many people use its products over a specified period. The main aim usually is to make it promote a healthy nation, and at the same time, it makes profits that are enough for its development and sustainability. McKesson also takes part in the innovative design of software that people can use when they are working in the medical community. The organization is responsible for the provision of health-related consultancy services where it offers IT services in that line. The IT services usually have the aim of coming up with new a developed electronic health record system, revenue calculator and also a health plan for those who seem to be suffering from chronic diseases.

McKesson, as a health care provider, takes part in the marketing of its products using various channels. Some of them are using advertisements and also using sales agents who ensure that they reach out to the customers directly. One of the impacts that marketing has had on the healthcare provider is that it has been able to gunner higher sales after every financial year. The products that it sells are currently out of the radar screen, and it is now revolving around the prospects that it had set. Awareness is a reality, and this makes people develop an interest towards its products, and therefore high sales are frequently experienced.

The reputation of McKesson has been growing bigger and better since most people know it to be the most famous and developed with regards to taking care of the people's health. Marketing, in this case, has built the brand name of McKesson, and this has made it attain some of the high expectations that it sets every year. The marketing has led to a grown repudiation of the healthcare provider, and this has intern led to its expansion to the global scene where it is experiencing high sales. The other direct impact of marketing for McKesson is based on the health competition that it faces. Marketing has been the only way in which its competitors can get a word out with respect to the prices that they have set on their products. The prices therefore are not necessarily used by the customers only but also the other companies that are operating in the same field or are offering similar services.

McKesson needs to have a strategy that will enable its customers to utilize all the products and services that it offers. One of them is by employing a group of marketers who will be digging into the needs of the people by making them understand the benefits that come with using McKesson's products. The primary motive here is to win their hearts and convince them that they will benefit more as compared to when they use products from other healthcare providers. The marketers are the ones who will take the role of building the reputation of the company by using the right mechanisms and channels. The other strategy would be coming up with a specific period when they lower the prices of the products and services that they offer to increase the sales and also fish out the dormant stock. The pharmaceutical products usually have an expiry period, and they should be sold before the due date to accrue all the profits that come with it.

McKesson is a health provider that has the capability of shaping the decision of the customers to increase its sales. One of the ways is by always contacting and engaging them using both the online and offline platforms. For the health care provider to be able to influence its customers it has to make sure that it responds to their needs using the online and offline platforms since they have different modes of communication. McKesson should be in the position of aligning all the touch points that are at its disposal and avail them to the customers.

The other way is by ensuring that the customer care officials and employees are available every time they are needed. McKesson is a health care provider, and that means the pharmaceutical products that it sells might not be easy to use. In that case, the customers will need to frequently contact its offices to get precise information on how to go about the products. When such moves come into play, the customers will quickly change their mind against other organizers and go for McKesson's products. The third way is by providing the customers with after sales series such as transport. The customers usually want a health care provider who can get to their doorsteps as they deliver the services. In this way, they will accept the fact that the McKesson's services are legit and that they are ready to face the outcomes of adverse outcomes.

There is a competitive environment when it comes to health care services, and the competition leads to some of the issues that affect the healthcare marketing activities. For instance, McKesson faces competition from other healthcare providers such as UnitedHealth Group, AmerisourceBergen, Express Scripts Holdings, Cardinal Health, Walgreens Boots Alliance, and Anthem. All these are health care providers who are always ready to use what they have to win the hearts of the customers and maintain them for an extended period. They all use advertisements via television and radio stations to show the world that they offer the best medical services. The core of the competition comes at the prices that they have set and those who have succeeded are the once who sell high-quality products at the lowest prices.

Therefore, for the health care providers to be able to succeed when it comes to strategic marketing, they have to ensure that they build a good rapport with the customers. The next thing is always to update the drugs and services that they sell according to the changes that occur in the economic and political world. They are also supposed to ensure that the kind of advertisements that they do relate well to the customers and they are friendly to their psychological concepts and believes. Success can also be achieved by always carrying out a benchmark of what the competitors do to find out the right starting point when it comes to making adjustments.

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