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Essay Sample on Health Care Mortality

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Healthcare is one of the significant sectors in the US. The nation has incorporated the use of both private and public healthcare, and also the non-profit community hospitals. This has helped in reducing the nations child mortality rate, which currently stands at 6.5 per 1000 live births. The country has posted a rising trend in the healthcare cost, where the population incurs approximately $10,000 per individual. This makes the US the most expensive healthcare system in the globe currently. This puts America ahead of Europe, which posts child mortality rate of 9.6 per 100 live births, and below the UK, where the rate ranges at 4.3. Additionally, the life expectancy in the US is 81.6 years for females and 76.9 years for males. This is also superior to Europe, where it ranges from 80.2 in women and 73.2 in men. However, the UK poses a more improved expectancy rate with females posting 83.0, and male 79.4.

The congress continually formulates and amends acts to govern the proceedings of the nation. For instance, the clean air act was amended in 1990, where it aimed at achieving NAAQS pollution limits on the six universal contaminants: lead, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, and particulate matter. The policy has significantly reduced air pollution index in the US to at least moderate AQIs throughout the year. Additionally, the endangered species act was enacted to protect the rare species. This law listed more than 2300 species that were believed to become extinct in the near future. This has facilitated the protection and conservation of such creatures especially the marine-based. Additionally, the clean water act was established in 1943 and amended in 1990, which entailed policies such as Lakes Water Quality Agreement. Such regulation has reduced a total of 29 toxic pollutants, which could be harmful to human, aquatic, and wildlife conservation.

All the three presidents, Bush, Obama, and Trump, enhanced the counterproliferation efforts through engaging in offensive fights to limit the chances of attack by terrorists. For instance, they all involved in a direct war with nations hosting terrorist groups such as Iraq and Iran to reduce their power in the globe. President Bush majored in intensifying internal security and empowering security agencies such as the Homeland Security, who prevented the occurrence of more attacks across the nation. However, President Obama employed offensive techniques through direct attacks and termination of groups such as AL Qaeda, through the capture and slaughter of leaders such as Osama Din Laden. On the other hand, Trump employs defensive approaches, where he aims at reducing the access of terrorist in the US. This is evident by his proposal to build a concrete security wall between the US and Mexico, which would deny them entrance into the country.

The united states constitution is based on eachs rights and privileges. However, the nations foreign policy is not bound by these terms. The federal government in some instances acts without consulting its counterpart. For example, after Trumps inauguration, he pledged to build a perimeter wall between the US and Mexico, and this stirred conflicts between the administrations. Therefore, this indicates that the United States foreign policy is autocratic and it rarely considers outputs from the alleged allies. Moreover, the United States is regarded as a world Superpower, and hence it operates at an enlarged scale. The nation involves in world peace missions, where it has enlarged the scope of the government to almost across the globe. For instance, it operates a task force on Africa, 6-26, which aims at bringing peace at Iraq, 121, which captured Saddam Hussein amongst others.

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