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The Youth Service Bureau Program - Paper Example

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The Youth Service Bureau (YSB) plays a critical role of addressing the problems affecting youth in the country. YSB is a community-based program established to combat addictive diseases due to the increase number of children descending into various bad habits such as alcohol and drug abuse. These bad habits may influence children to engage in various anti-social behaviors such as lying, stealing, and other delinquent acts (Institute of Medicine (U.S.)., 2014). The YSB seeks to help youths to avoid factors that may lead them into delinquent activities.

The program goals includes ensuring the young adults are protected from engaging in detrimental behaviors or habits like drugs and substance abuse, ensure children enrolled in YSB can excel in the program, graduate from YSB fully reformed, equipped to embrace new behaviors, and be able to harness a new way of thinking. Furthermore, because it is a continuous program, YSB will ensure that teenagers and youth enrolled in the program are able to finish one year with significant improvement in their character.

The program will accommodate 30 youths who are within the ages of 12 to 16 years. This is the group that is most vulnerable to various socio-economic challenges affecting the society. Accommodating 30 youths means that the program will be well positioned to monitor and evaluate their performance of a given period (Narayan, 2016).

Program Objectives

To further articulate the goal of this program, objectives were created to be able to measure client outcomes we aim to achieve. The first objective is: To increase at-risk male youth knowledge on how drug and alcohol use can lead to delinquent behavior by the first year in the program. The indicator is a knowledge check before and after the program. This was chosen as the program aims to give as much information as possible to the youth to make a more informed decision when it comes to drug and alcohol use. The second objective is: To increase awareness of alternatives to drug and alcohol usage such as extracurricular activities by the end of the intervention. The program aims to provide a safe environment away from substances and change the perception that substances are essential. The aim is to show the youth that there are other engaging activities to participate in and turn them away from drugs. Lastly, the final objective is: To reduce drug abuse among adolescents aged 12-16 in the Central Texas community within the next five years. This will be indicated by the percentage of decrease of drug and alcohol usage in youth aged 12-16 within a five-year period after the program started. This was chosen because it is the hope of the program to be successful in reducing the amount of youth who take part in drug/alcohol and delinquent behaviors


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