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Essay Example: Review of Future and Modern Computing at Rainelle Company

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Modern day internet is just but a limited feature of what is to come. Emerging trends and ideologies have shown us that there is a lot more to what we can do with the internet or manipulate it to enhance our way of life. Almost everything from products, business, services and socialization is or has already gone online. However, we have come to the realization that we can also improve on what is here now for the better. Internet development is growing ultra-fast with the ever dynamic society. Only time will tell what new developments come into play and which ones succeed.

Internet of business

Marketing and expansion of businesses has taken a fair share in the internet through online marketing, businesses and advertising which has proven a great deal of outreach to people from all places. New ideas expected, ones which can last are for example improvement of business communication where a person can view products online as a video with a real life salesperson taking the person through the product specifications as if the person was really there. They can communicate freely and negotiate on terms. The todays internet is cramped with unending ads that can be annoying especially when someone is going through serious stuff. The internet of the future should be able to create channels and applications for ads only or websites that can filter ads from other necessary stuff. More applications like Linked-in but better should be developed to enable group thinkers and business-minded persons share ideas freely without the limits of country, race or ethnicity. Many people are moving to online marketing services, so applications and websites on these should be developed in large scale.

The future is expected to phase out paper currency and all financial transactions will be electronic as evidenced by modern day mobile banking and credit cards which is expected to be implemented on a large scale.

Cryptocurrency- a business feature that capitalizes on digital currency should be custom made for small scale and business places with emphasis on hard encryption to minimize thefts, scandals and promote security.


The internet of the future will see applications like GPS navigation more pronounced to the extent of;

Self-driving cars- your car is programmed with time and directions to your workplace and home in general such that it can take you, drop you off and drive itself back when you need it. It can be fitted with an artificial intelligence agent that thinks and understands you such that in situations where you are late or tied up it can wait.

Automated traffic control- this in an internet feature that can be implemented and definitely succeed. The system can be designed in such a way that it can use satellite imaging to track roads that are not as busy and direct specific vehicles to that road. This will reduce immensely traffic jams in Cities around the globe.


Future internet will be able to advance medical expert systems to accept information from health practitioners across the world and disseminate medical services such as automated diagnosis to patients and other users of the expert system instantly. Data relay implants that record patients vitals in real time and are connected to internet enabled hospital facilities for emergency response and patient monitoring.

It can also improve hospitalization and record keeping through creation of applications that can catalogue patients with different illnesses for treatment respective to departments in those fields. This can help a great deal reduce crowding of patients in hospitals and enhance emergency systems. Ambulance systems can be greatly improved by developing systems that can pick up a patient in critical condition in any place, any time, for instance, developing a system of helicopters or sizable drones that can airlift a patient to a hospital, using an application similar to Uber.


Our todays internet uses mainly radio signal communication and teleconferencing for video communication. This is not a major leap for a long time as archaic times still used such means. Only in the recent times has social media that is; Facebook, tweeter, Instagram, Pinterest among others have been introduced to enhance communication with people from afar. In the near future, communication services can be improved using what we already know and are excited about for instance;

Virtual reality- a feature where one can communicate with another in a virtual space in a more pronounced filed than what has been developed. This can without a doubt succeed aa people will be able to talk to each other as if they are really close whereas they could be far apart may be even one being in space.

Artificial intelligence- this has for a long time been an idea which has been implemented on small scale in specific places. It can be a feature that will most likely succeed where a person can have a personal assistant at home or office that can do simple tasks and planning for you. On a much larger scale, artificial intelligence can be part of a firms software that keeps track of day to day activities, records and work in the firm. The artificial intelligence can be custom made to even move around and correct a worker in office about an error at that particular time.

Holograms- this is an expected feature of the internet that is greatly anticipated by many. Think about having the hologram of your friend or family pop up at home, programmed with intelligence to talk to you in sequence with your thoughts, or even better, have a hologram pop-up in place of the now video call.


Security-wise, internet developments can only be enhanced as many secure options to curb thefts and break-in have already been implemented. However, a lot can still be done to aid in secure systems.

Virtual private networks VPNs can be used to secure communication between computers and or machines and or people on a private network providing security against threats such as wiretaps, phishing and hacking. When VPNs are used together with encryption algorithms, they will increase the reliability, integrity and security of data.

Encryption- the future is expected to implement quantum computing on a massive scale, therefore will require quantum-grade encryption for data and information interchange on the internet to boost data security. Currently, encryption algorithms for information interchange on the internet is susceptible to security threats such as hacking by quantum computing using a mechanism known as quantum entanglement.

Secure money transfer- the future is expected to develop internet systems that allow for transfer of money using untraceable digital currency like the modern day bitcoins to aid in faster transfer and eliminate physical thefts or electronic money tapping.

Technical development of designing a home security alert system for Rainelle Company

The current home security service which is available in the market which is allocated for several reasons mainly to prevent the thieves from intruding, the techniques that is available currently has developed a new set of a smart home in term of security with a much simpler operator, DIY form and intelligent system in which the Bluetooth wirelessly transmit an interface to replace the old traditional ones. According to client requirements the Facial recognition and monitoring has an advantage of sending picture to the user and display it on the website.

The utilization of the camera in the home security is based on collecting as many evidence and knowledge about the guest and send these information to the user, in the previous projects serval techniques was used, whereas giving the authority to the user to access the all the sensors that are located on the main entrance another proposal was based on the fact that the smart house cost really high when trying to build it, however in this project the camera which is used the OV7670 where it must be connected to the microcontroller development board by wires, additionally the camera can be remoted wirelessly to allow the user with the option of retaking the images when required, The problem that can be faced in this stage it occurs when the camera dose not capture Clear picture of the user. In order to solve this problem, the system is programmed in a way that gives the user the ability to retake the picture of the visitor if its not clear. Two buttons appears on the website, user needs to click on the green button is he wants retake the picture or he needs to click the blue button. The blue button shows that picture is clear and no need to retake the picture. In this system MikroC PRO is used to develop the program for AVR microcontroller. To get the HEX file from developed C program, eXtreme Burner software is used

Project alignment with requirements

This project requires three concurrent tasks with at least one of them staying active all the time. There are two pressure sensors used in this system, both of which are active all the time, whose main function are mainly used for object detection, and a WIFI MODULE that is active all the time. In general, the concurrent task occurs in the project when both pressure sensors are active and WIFI module is also active throughout the process and whenever the camera module takes a picture of the object, all three concurrent tasks is initiated.

The development board in the project receives information from pressure sensor and it will inform the camera module to capture a picture, after camera module capture the picture, the information is sent to the development board and it sends the data to user using wife module, at this stage of the project inputs are been sent to the development board and development board gives some information to other sensors and then alerts them to start their task.

The project has human and environment interaction by sensing anyone trying to come close to the house .In order to program the development board, Eclipse software is used.

Design of the project

The Home recognition system can be installed at the main entrance of the house. The two pressure sensors should be placed on the ground 20 cm away from the entrance of the door. The camera module will be placed at the top of the door in the middle, somewhere to have coverage over the whole area. The development board will be placed in a box somewhere up near the main door so that all the sensors can be connected to it and it should be somewhere away in protected area.


Logic circuit diagram

Development of the computerized central heating system Rainelle client B

Required changes

The first is to raise the automatic control level of heat engineering, these has a very important role for ensuring high-quality heating, safe operation, economical, environmental protection. To achieve a computer monitor, can promote the rational use of energy, to obtain high thermal efficiency and improve the ecological environment with minimal energy consumption. A special attention should be paid to frequent installation mistakes. If mistakes are not prevented then it will be impossible to balance a heating system properly. As the re-sult of wrong balancing the water flows are redistributed incorrectly which leads to unreasonable energy consumption. Heating system should have good functionality. The stage of heating systems de-sign consists of several steps which are represented in figure below.


Technical Developing and calculations Approvals (with client and

proposal state organizations)

Flushing Hydraulic- Pre-commissioning Installation

pressure test

Hardware and software requirements to implement the re-designed solution



Truth table

Conclusive recommendations

Technological Determinism is an insight in which a person perceives humans have no control over techno...

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