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Recording Perfectly Reflects Our Controversial Message: Time to Research!

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In my opinion, the recording perfectly reflects our message since our topic is controversial and it is crucial that we learn enough information from both sides. Then we could have the choice to decide the parts we want to deliver to the audience. This emanates from both the negative and positive side of the topic. Therefore, it requires us to take a significant amount of time to research. It feels like everyone presents the information correctly and some of them even surprisingly say some information they do not put into the outline. I can see everyone put efforts in the presentation.

Additionally, given the fact that the topic relating to legalization of euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide is controversial, there is a need to include diverse opinions to the audience. Our presentation did cover all the intended message and information that are ideal for the target audience regarding the topic of study. This is because it entailed versed ideas and opinions that do not leave a gap in knowledge and further research.

What would you have done differently (or the same) if you were given another chance? Did you attempt to re-record the presentation? Why or why not?

If I have another chance, I will give ample time and audience to every member of the group during their presentation. This is because every individual's view or opinion is instrumental as far as this controversial topic is concerned. Giving every member ample time to address their views makes it possible to have a wider scope of the topic and conceptualize on some of the unimagined parameters of the topic. Additionally, given another chance, I would ensure that the topic of discussion is well communicated to all members so that they gain mutual knowledge on it and avoid confusion or negative impact on topic understanding. Making every member to understand the topic of discussion is vital since it makes it possible and easier to decode social cues in the course of the presentation. Indeed, it is vital to have prior knowledge of the topic of discussion before the real mediated group presentation. Finally, I would ensure that all members demonstrate logical reasoning on every point given in the group so as to achieve the intended message of our presentation. Yes, we did attempt to record the presentation to get the views of all members and how best they understood the topic of discussion relating to legalization of euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide.

How did it feel presenting this speech asynchronously and in a group setting?

Presenting this speech asynchronously and in a group, the setting was hectic owing to the fact that managing the group members was not east at all. This is because anyone could pitch in with their views and the worst part of it is that everyone wanted an immediate response to their points of view. Indeed, I felt uneasy when trying to make a follow up on every individual point of view regarding the topic of discussion. This is because some group members could take a while before they could respond to their peers. As a result, asking the follow-up questions were not possible due to a different time that participants took to give their opinions. Conversely, I felt disappointed while presenting this speech asynchronously and in a group setting given the fact that there was uncertainty in delivering the message. This is because it lacks the verbal mode of communication that can help one to gauge the ideas being communicated.

How did it feel working in a group in order to prepare this speech?

It felt good working in a group to prepare this speech since it improves critical thinking among the members. Members got the opportunity to ask open-ended questions that make one brainstorm on the topic of discussion. Conversely, working in a group was awesome since it allowed us to gain deep understanding of the topic. Group presentation ensures long term memory of a given topic. As group members, we felt enthusiastic since some of us got a chance to improve their communication skills and confidence in sharing their individual points. Working in a group feels amazing since one get an opportunity to grasp new ideas supported by well-articulated reasoning.

What stood out for you in this assignment?

One of the things that stood out for me in this assignment is attributed to the controversial nature of the topic under discussion. The topic is addressed by the help of deontology philosophy to identify the ethical and moral issues surrounding it. Whether euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide are illegal or not still stands to attract more debate encompassed with logical reasoning. The nature of the topic under discussion stood out for me in this assignment. Additionally, diverse opinions and knowledge from group members also captured my attention in this assignment. This is because I got to learn comprehensive points that I could not have known while handling it alone. Indeed, working in a group is vital especially when dealing with a controversial topic or issue like this one. Finally, the confidence I demonstrated while sharing my points with the other group members also stood out for me in this assignment. Group presentation can make one have confidence when airing their views.

Would you share this presentation as evidence of your presentation skills with a prospective employer? Why or why not?

Yes, as a matter of fact, I would share this presentation as evidence of my presentation skills and know-how with a prospective employer. This is because it showcases how well I can strongly articulate my ideas more rationally while working with team members. Additionally, I would be proud of this presentation and use it as evidence of my presentation skills since demonstrating the aspect of informative speech. In this presentation, I gave out knowledgeable points regarding the topic and indeed validated them with concrete facts. For sure I would proudly share this presentation with any prospective employer as a testimony of my presentation skills.

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