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Essay Example on Continuing Professional Development

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Middlebury College
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a)    The concept and Importance of CPD as an HR Practitioner

Continuing professional development CPD is an essential aspect for all professionals but has more importance for Human Resource management professionals. CPD helps professionals to gain knowledge that is important in professionally dealing with customers. According to Lammintakanen and Kivinen (2012), CPD offers a chance for the continuing professionals to make plans that are ahead of organizations goals and objectives which under plans of being achieved. It also provides an opportunity for HR professionals to add vital knowledge to what they already have.

b) Knowledge, Skills, and Behaviors according to CIPD Professional Map that is Required to be an Effective HR Practitioner.

The CIPD concept map offers a chance to analyze the following aspects concerning professional applications; strategy, insights and the solutions in conjunction with leading HR. To be a competent HR manager, one needs to establish the skills outlined by the two areas using proper methods and useful practical application (Long & Ismail, 2011). It should be noted that there are some aspects that CIPD professional map require more attention than others. On the other hand, being curious should make a practitioner to understand all the sectors that the HR practitioner is working with and allows them to become an efficient decision maker. Additionally, CIPD outlines ways by which the HR professionals can maintain employees relations with their employers as an essential element in the employment sector. For instance, as the HR worker and MiSK schools, the CIPD map helps me to set a proper employee-employer relationship standard since the school is a developed one with all the advanced methods of instructions (Seezink & Poell, 2010). Since the school has invested in technology, I need to apply the concepts in the CIPD professional map to create a comfortable environment in the MISK schools. However, as an HR professional, all aspects of management should be made in consideration with fair and consistent treatment for all the stakeholders.

The three critical Development needs and an evaluation of the options available for the requirements.

Development Needs Options to Meet the Needs

Enhancing interpersonal and my communication skills Since am working in an institution that is visited by many people and is highly populace, maintaining good interpersonal skills is the heart of the success of the institution. Additionally, effective communication is required for an HR practitioner to enable MISK schools to be run smoothly. To improve my interpersonal and communication skills, I will spend some time reading new knowledge in conjunction with HR communication skills to become a good communicator. I will also spend some time browsing the internet to fetch the current ways of communicating with people through listening and watching You-Tube tutorials. Since I understand that education is dynamic, I will also consult other HR professionals and ask them to offer me with books that enable them to handle communication problems in their field.

As an HR practitioner, I need to keep on expanding the scope of education that I have thus I will go for the option of advancing my studies by taking a Masters degree in communication (Seezink & Poell, 2010).

Additionally, I should also advance in studies by going for another degree in Sociology since it is in the direction of HR and Communication.

Improve my Excel skills. Working in an institution that embraces the use of technology like MISK schools, I need to have impeccable skills in Excel as part of the KSN HR effective practitioner skills. Apart from gaining knowledge about Excel, I, therefore, need to expand my skills in applicable ways of performing tasks using Excel to avoid any errors and mistakes done by either junior or senior employees in the institution.

I will spend the time to learn how to work with Excel by using You-tube tutorials.

I will also take some online Excel courses as a way of enhancing my excel skills.

Improve my communication with The English language. I can only improve my English language skills through spending time reading stories, Re-writing the stories in my own words.

I also need to spend time watching English movies since they both help an individual to improve communication and English language skills.


Part II

Identification of at least two vital internal Customers of HR in conjunction with their respective needs and what they require from HR. An explanation of What they need has to be outlined.

Working at Misk Schools has made me expand my scope of HR knowledge since it is a significant institution that has various kind of visitors and employees thus it is essential to know all the possible needs of the people at the institution (Seezink & Poell, 2010). The demands that internal customers require from HR areas outlined below;

Internal Customers Needs

Financial Managers The data regarding the number of employees, their job group, roles and compensation they need.

The second need is recruitments required and the payment.

Misk Schools Students and teachers There should be a well structured academic calendar, recruitment of students, and a stated policies and procedures.

IT professionals Current information about new technological advancement since the school embraces technology.

The professionals also need recruitment of technology gurus to continue making the schools viable for educating the society with a wide scope of technology (Seezink & Poell, 2010).

Since the school is built on technology, the recruitment of academic students and other stakeholders is an essential need for the institution since the primary goal for the Misk schools is education. Also, the school cannot run without qualified academic staff; thus, it needs to recruit highly skilled teachers who have excellent computer skills.

The three different Methods of Communication with their advantages and drawbacks when dealing with Internal customers.

Methods of Communication Advantages/Disadvantages

Face to face:

Face to face communication is the formal way of communication that is commonly used in an organization that is categorized in with departments. Most HR managers use oral communication while carrying out a recruitment to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the people they intend to recruit.

Also, since Misk schools is an academic institution, face-to-face communication is the most viable one since students prefer to be instructed through face to face communication than other forms of communication. Advantages

Face to face communication is the most preferred since it offers a chance for ensuring that the communication is complete between the two parties.

Face to face communication permits an opportunity to watch the non-verbal communication among people.

Another advantage is that face-to-face communication offers an opportunity for engaging in active listening, allows a well-enhanced two-way communication and saves time.

Also, urgent information that requires immediate feedback can be conveyed well by face-to-face communication.

Disadvantages of face to face communication

It is somehow difficult to convey information to a large crowd. For instance, the Misk schools cannot allow conveyance of face to face conversation unless if it is in a classroom set-up.

If the listener is not attentive, then the face-to-face conversation becomes irrelevant.


An electronic conversation is a digitized form of communication that involves the transmission of words or streaming live voices through web browsers, electronic gadgets, social media platforms like WhatsApp and mobile phones (Kress, 2009).

Additionally, the electronic conversation can be enhanced by the use of interactive televisions. Advantages of Electronic Conversation

There is a quick transmission that requires a few seconds to receive a reply.

It has a wide coverage thus making the world to be a small village (Kress, 2009). For an organization like Misk schools, communication with the departments is enhanced since the schools have a large population.


Electronic communication incurs organization an extra cost since it compels organizations to apply information system security measures to avoid leaking of information to unauthorized people.

Sometimes data maybe undelivered for people who are not connected to the internet.

Electronic communication increase dependency thus internal customers can be swayed by the internet to assume the process of communication.


Written communication is an innovative way of engaging the mind. It is an effective form of communication that enhances the aspect of promotion in an organization. For instance, as HR practitioner of Misk schools, I would consider writing a promotional letter than communicating it face-to-face. Advantages of written communication.

It helps in laying down procedures especially in the educational set-up.

Helps in making a proper delegation of responsibilities.

Enhances an organizations image.

It offers a chance for legal defense.


Does not save resources since it involves too much paperwork and stationary.

It is time-consuming if the communication requires feedback.

An Explanation of the effectiveness of HR services in Misk Schools and an inclusion of ways through which they function.

As part of the HR professionals, Misk schools is well organized in the manner that communication is well structured thus offers a chance for delivering services on time and within the cost. The HR management has all the set standards that manage the problematic and thick-headed customers including the students (Tsui & Lai, 2009). Misk schools HR department is well organized in the manner that it has plans for dealing with all raised complaints right away from students, teachers and all the stakeholders.



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