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Disadvantages of Night Guarding - Creative Writing Example

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Creative writing
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The most serious effect of being a night gourd or working during the night is that it can cause Family abrasion. This is serious because the family is the basic unit that determines whether an individuals life would be a fulfilling life or not. Working during the night normally goes against the plans that the family might have organized to undertake during the day. This is because a person who had worked during the night might be in need of some rest to compensate for the sleep lost at night and therefore might not fit in the family schedule. The family may also feel neglected more so the children who might not comprehend the idea of working at night. They might lose social contact with that family member.

Working at night also might develop in personal health challenges. This is because naturally, the brain is accustomed that it manipulates the body to rest at night. Working in the night goes against this normal functioning, which leaves a person being tired and temperamental. Changing the normal resting patterns can cause stress that comes with stomach ulcers and heart complications due to irregular heart beat that comes with lack of sleep.

Night guarding also exposes an individual to security risks. This is because most criminal activities are organized and executed at night. This exposes the people who are working in such places that might be targeted by criminals and terrorists as normally they ambush the people they attack to facilitate the success of their ill missions. This can lead to severe injuries, pain, physical complications, mental torture and even death of the people working at night.

When individual works at night, getting food may not be very easy, and this may alter the body's eating schedule too. To add to this, the food that may be available at night may be junk food that may have very limited health and body benefits. This, therefore, leaves individuals with no choice but to compromise on the healthy diet that perhaps they might have desired to conform to.

Loss of sleep that arises from people staying awake at night while working also reduces the ability of a person to stay vigilant. This may be attributed to the fact that the working environment at night is normally very silent and may not be very convenient for the people who cannot work in such environments. Thus, the silence may make them bored and eventually feel sleepy.

This makes people find it hard to focus on their work. This can lead to very serious accidents especially with people that work in industries that require them to operate machines. Most of the major industrial accidents that happen at night have been connected to people who fell asleep while on duty. These accidents cause deaths, a bodily harm that has left people with missing arms and ugly scars that they will carry all their lives. In some cases, these accidents also affect the environment

Its very difficult for people to access support services at night as they undertake their duties at night as the people who provide the support services may not be available at night. This may hinder a person from fulfilling the goals that they had set for themselves at work and even in life.

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