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Safety Policies for a Peaceful Working Environment - Paper Example

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The first safety hazard is inappropriate housekeeping. It is evident that financial institutions make a lot of paper works through their day to day operations and for this reason there is a likelihood of mixing documents. Piling of high stacks of files can be a health hazard especially during the retrieval process. The documents can fall on the workers or those close to them. In relation to their storage, there is a need for the management to ensure appropriate areas as set for storage which needs to be correctly demarcated to prevent mixing documents and other things used around the working environment. To mitigate the house keeping hazard further, it is essential to set sometime between shifts to help the cleaning process and arrange the files and financial documents correctly. An inappropriate housekeeping also has health implications to the employees since contagious disease like common cold can be easily spread in poorly ventilated office rooms. Subsequently, a poor cleaning system can easily spread pathogens. For this reason, it is essential for the management as the employees to create a clean working environment. This is in line with the safety and health act which required employees and employers in equal measures to ensure safety in the resources and the activities.

The second possible hazard is forklifts which in the business fraternity are linked with the utilization of shortcuts to perform different roles. This has been associated to laziness among employees which creates pressure on the workforce due to limited time to perform. In the financial institution, employees could approve thousands of credit requests without going into details and assessing the validity of the transactions. To remedy this, employees need to be given breaks and sidesteps to stay positive. They can also avoid distracters and concentrate on their work fully. Taking a break within the working process rejuvenate oneself and releases possible stress thereby making the employee more productive. Forklifting influences significantly the operation of the firm hence the need to put positive measures when realized. Employees can undergo refresher courses and be involved in the organizations operations.

The third possible hazard is layout tagout. This is a safety measure utilized by organizations to ensure that the dangerous machines or equipment are switched off and cannot operate until repaired. When paper tagout are effectively conducted, injuries and even data loss is minimized. In relation to financial institution, the management need to install power backup systems to ensure not disruption even with a power blackout. Mitigation of the hazard requires the use of appropriate procedures to safeguard workers. training should be conducted and ensure that the personnel understands and adhere to the provisions to ensure energy control.

In a nutshell, safety policies are essential in ensuring a peaceful working environment. Each employee need to understand the policies and remember them in their places of work, other than the skills and expertise needed. Understandings of the policies help prevent possible health complications and low performance in the organization.


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