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HR Essay Example: Resume Screening Software

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University of Richmond
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Case study
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Response: Resume screening tools impact the HR departments positively. In the current age of dynamic digital technology, more and more companies are using advanced algorithms to screen resumes for job applicants. Online job application channels swarmed HR departments with thousands of resumes for advertised job placements. However, with the rise of online screening tools, HR departments use screening methods to hire the right applicants. Companies now save time and money used for recruitment and selection of job candidates. Furthermore, other companies have filled the gap in resume screening by offering online software that screen resume data without the knowledge of the job applicant (Noe, 2016, p.354). Therefore, HR departments are more productive and efficient due to the use of screening tools. Furthermore, resume screening tools also have a positive impact on line managers because they receive highly qualified individuals that meet the job and company requirements. Effective screening ensures that companies hire the right people for the various job vacancies (Noe, 2016). As a result, I would use resume screening tools to avoid the resume mess and most importantly, fasten the selection and hiring process while saving on costs.

Question 2: How might the drawbacks associated with resume screening software be addressed?

Response: Currently, HR departments use online recruitment as a standard piece and puzzle of the recruitment process because they can reach a broad pool of applicants. However, HR departments should be aware of the drawbacks of the screening tools. Firstly, HR professions should be mindful of the fact that specialized jobs that require skilled or professional labor might not be reached thoroughly using online job posting. Such cases may require the use of headhunters as a proactive approach if the job position is of urgency. Secondly, the internet offers a large pool of applicants that a company might not regulate the limit of job seekers. As such, HR departments should be as detailed as possible in the job description to avoid unqualified application. Lastly, screening tools limit face to face interactions with job seekers. Personal interaction with job seekers helps to figure out the right candidates by observing their presentation skills, body language and passion for the job (Noe, 2016). Therefore, HR departments should schedule face to face interaction with job seekers to match pen and paper.



Noe, R. (2016). Strategic human resource management. [Toronto]: McGraw-Hill Ryerson.


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