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Education Essay Example: Online vs. Traditional Learning

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Harvey Mudd College
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The online learning method is preferable as compared to the traditional method since the students are in a position to attend the lectures while at any given place without having to go to the lecture halls physically. The online learning method is more flexible since the students can access the information that was taught easily during their free time, unlike the traditional learning whereby the students and teachers must both gather in a lecture hall for the learning to take place. The teachers can record the lecture for the students who do not make it online or available while the teaching is taking place and hence they can access the video recorded during their own free time ("Online Education vs. Traditional Education").

The online learning method makes the students and teachers responsible and as well as to enhance proper time management. The students are responsible le in that they chose the appropriate venue where they will attend the lecture and as well as manage their time to ensure that they are readily available during that particular time. Online learning helps the students to be independent learners, unlike the traditional learning where the lecturers manage the students and decide the location and time when the teaching will take place. The online learning enhances the understanding of the students since they can easily get in contact with their lectures and also seek for clarification through the various online communication methods such as the use of Skype, email or Google + ( "Notable Differences Between Online and Traditional College Settings |").In conclusion, the online learning is better as compared to the traditional method of learning since it enhances the flexibility of the students. Through online learning, the students can save their time and money which they would have used to travel to the lecture halls since they can attend the lecture while at any place.

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