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Guilty Pleasure of Reading Entertaining Books

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Across different cultures and education systems, there is no crime in reading good books. The good books provide an opportunity to relax, learn more, and at the same time are exciting to the reader. Nevertheless, there has been debate across different cultural groups on how a good book is evaluated. This debate has had significant changes in how the media is currently perceived across different sectors (Campbell, Martin, & Fabos, 2017). Generally, a good book has been based on personal opinions. A university professor may like the content of a textbook and to the children; a good book is one with numerous pictures. The elderly stereotypically evaluate a good book based on the numerous pages and small fonts. Based on my experience with a book, I have loved short and easy books, those that are read at grade three. At the same time, I still read and challenge my intellectual capability with harder and longer books, but I find it relaxing to kick back and relax with the third-grade books like Fablehaven written by Brandon Mull. Even though some may criticize the idea of reading a third-grade book, I find the idea normal. It has numerous benefits other than the concepts acquired from reading old books. The short stories are in many occasions exiting, and the longer ones can be somehow boring with the tendency of making the reader fall asleep just at the look of the size, font size used and their covers.

Every reader gets some sense of accomplishment after finishing a book, and this can be easily achieved with a short book. Subsequently, reading books enhances ones vocabulary and writing skills. It is fundamental to understand the language basics before progressing to the complicated and hard words in a book. The third-grade level book teaches the reader the required basics, essential for learning. A significant number of successful people I know read these books. The only difference is that they read the books while in third grade. At some point, I have felt embarrassed reading third-grade books because of their content. This is because the society has a perception that these kind of books are for children and should not be read by adults. There is a sense in which these books are degraded and seen less valuable towards vocabulary enhancement of the reader.

Any reader who has read Man and the Sea will understand that some books are less than entertaining. Even though some books may be fundamental in vocabulary enhancement, they are less exciting. This is the first aspect that comes in handy with these third-grade books. They are written to entertain and delight little kids. The books are guaranteed to have an exciting storyline and an obvious twist in the plot, which makes them enjoyable to the reader. At the same time, it is beneficial to take some break from a war between old man and a large marlin then read a story about the dragons and wizards. It is beneficial to enjoy books, and the story on dragons enhances once interest in books because books already read can be boring and dull. There is a need to try to read new books, which are fascinating to change the mindset about books. Reading an enjoyable book like a grade three book will entertain the reader and at the same time change their mindset in relation to books entirely.

Linguistics says, "a book a day keep reality away, and the reality in this context can be harsh. At the same time, keeping it away can be even more difficult. Reading one book on a single day can only be achieved when the focus is on the shorter books. The third-grade books provide an excellent opportunity to read many books, get entertained while at the same time raise the reader's self-esteem and self-worth. Since the books are easy to read, I have often fit them between the heavy-duty books. With this, I acquire a sense of accomplishment by the fact that a book is finished.

The third-grade level books also help in vocabulary enhancement and writing skills. Ideally, the reader has to grasp the basics before becoming a master, and this applies to musical talents, mathematics, and of course writing skills. Reading tough books with hard words and vocabulary enhances ones reading skills, which are then translated into writing. Nevertheless, vocabulary has never been the most fundamental aspect of writing. One will still look stupid if when the hard words are used inappropriately. The third-grade level books teach how the words are used whereas the advanced level books focus on the simple techniques. They fail to teach the sentence structure and spelling of simple words. It is for this reason that one needs to step back and learn the basics failure to which, derails the learning process. Reading the low-level books come with numerous advantages.

Third-grade level books are essential since they provide entertainment, enhance mental capability, and improve on self-worth. They are the key to success in reading and writing as evident with Martin Luther King Jr. who inspired others after reading the elementary books. In this case, reading elementary books need to be a pleasure to all but not guilt. Albus Dumbledore stated, "We must face the choice between right and easy." In this case, there is a possibility of doing what is right and what is easy, and there should be no problem in doing them.


Campbell, R., Martin, C., & Fabos, B. (2017). Media & culture: Mass communication in a digital age. Bedford/St. Martin's.

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