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Developing Marketing Personas - Coursework Example

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Harvey Mudd College
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Course work
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Safe Earth and Lawn Service target homeowners and other individuals who are interested in developing lawns. The target population is not limited to a specific social demography. However, the entity has particular focus on environmentalists. The firms sale point is passion and responsibility to care for the environment, preserve human health, and experience beautiful landscapes. The companys products are slightly expensive in comparison to the competitions offer.

The entitys positioning strategy should capitalize of the ability to present quality products and services that correspond to international environment standards. Safe Earth and Lawn Service distribution plan benefits from a network of satisfied clientele and branded company trucks. As an expansion strategy, the firm should seek agencies whose roles include communicating company ideals, selling their products and executing some practical tasks in conformance with Safe Earth and Lawn Service training. The firm should introduce product discounts to improve of the commendable consumer loyalty. A six month discount on organic compost would be ideal for a client list that purchases landscaping services.

The marketing materials of choice include product catalogs and detailed brochures. The entity should cease from entirely depending on word of mouth and define a strategy involving of the distribution of catchy print media within neighborhoods. The promotional strategy should equally respond to target market interests (Pruitt and Adlin, 2010). Safe Earth and Lawn Service needs to establish numerous social media contacts and interact of a diversity of forums to address popular landscaping question and create brand awareness. Ideally, such contact should exploit the firms strengths to include the offer of organic products, environmentally conscious practices, and child and pet safety.

The entitys marketing strategy must respond to the online consumer base effectively. Ideally, Safe Earth and Lawn Service digital marketing approach should include product promotion information as a means for popularizing the offers to a wider market. Digital marketing serves as a means for speaking to a global audience since the participant are not defined by geographical mobility. To achieve peak results, search engine optimization should be executed to ensure that Safe Earth and Lawn Service social media accounts are the easiest accessible. The firm should be more involved in green campaigns such as the go green initiative. Such engagements possess the potential to inspire conversion rates increase since Safe Earth and Lawn Service would gain the audience of environmentalist landscapers among other stakeholders. Additionally, the association of Safe Earth and Lawn Service with environmental awareness forums would build market confidence and portray its products as legitimately safe offers.

As a referral strategy, every individual who manages to introduce three friends will benefit from a 10% or 5% discount off any service or product respectively. The underlying principle is to appoint and reward an unlimited population of brand ambassadors for the purposes of expanding business. The execution of definite expansion strategies should set the company on a projection of 70% market share expansion over every sales season.

In conclusion, Safe Earth and Lawn Service as the opportunity to expand its business through the execution of marketing plan. The entity can use its offer of organic products and develop associations with relevant influences to authenticate environmentalist claims. The introductions of product promotion and referral strategies have the potential to inspire exponential growth. Safe Earth and Lawn Service capitalization on its strengths and implementation of digital marketing are opportunity to grow business.



Pruitt, J., & Adlin, T. (2010). The Persona Lifecycle. Amsterdam, Netherlands: Elsevier Science.


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