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Decision-Making Process - Paper Example

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Research paper
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According to the article, decision-making process tends to be part of managerial role activities. The researcher has been able to place the study problem within the context of the existing knowledge. The author states that nurses working in core areas of nursing management spend time in scrutinizing situation and in decision making. Capacity to remain self-confident on nursing status entails successful professional. The ability to adapt the best decision-making model lowers chances of choosing tenancy and infective resolutions.

Review of the Literature

The concept that has been explored in the literature review details that analyzing a challenge in a systematic manner are not a guarantee of 100 percent accuracy. However, assurance of reducing the margin error and ensuring that nursing profession is safe when faced with a challenging circumstance. Decision-making is a significant managerial mechanism for nursing. All references that have been provided by the author are current ones. The literature states that it is worth to understand factors that are part of decision-making that aid in planning, conflict management, communication, leadership, and negotiation.

As well, managerial principles assist in supporting and directing the practices, and when utilized improperly, quality of care is affected. Swift decision-making is a crucial need for organizations. Despite this, there are complex challenges that are around and impact decision-making process. They include issues such as beliefs, values, experience, technical knowledge, and skills by the decision-makers. Such concepts are capable of introducing prejudiced constituents for decision-making situation, taking into account technical knowledge like limited reasonableness.

Theoretical Framework

Theoretical concepts of decision-making in nursing profession have been well described and related to the current research. The research has been able to account for theories that are solely related to nursing theory. Within the research, the theoretical framework has been openly stated.


Independent variables of the study are the appliance of management practice and decision-making process. On the other hand, dependent variables are practical actions by professionals and significance of decision-based process. The hypothesis of the study is decision-making development as an appliance for administration observes with consideration of the significance of the progressed learning. All operational definition of the dependent and independent variables have been provided and they are measurable. The article analyzed sketched decision-making models in participatory means by nursing executives. It examined the decision-making sculpt implemented by care givers from viewpoint of decision-making procedure hypothesis.


In fact, the research was well planned via the role of supporting managers in reinforcing the skills in administrative units. Methods utilized in the study are based on action research and qualitative approach. Deductive reasoning was utilized in the study. The sample size and study population was 9 nursing professions. Seminars and semi-structured survey were accomplished from April to June 2012. They were carried out with an aim to understand the decision-making nature and the process of making a decision of nine nurses holding managerial positions at a community hospice in Brazil. From such adjusts, nurses and section executives have responsibilities for all managerial activities. Under the executive plan, selected care givers were allocated as packed members part of the organizational administration board.

Data Analysis

Data collected was focused on substance study. Outcomes and data collected were categorized into two different groups of the present state of affairs of decision making. This demonstrated that there was deficient in of systematization. The other category entailed collective and construction of decision-making that emphasized much on the need of developing decision-making models. Nurses were able to show short of clarity on decision-making as a way to facilitate, perceive and contribute toward attainment of organization objectives.

Summary/Conclusions, Implications, and Recommendations

The results suggested that there was the need for applying managerial theoretical models in supporting the decisions by nursing managers, achieving effectiveness in decision making. Limitation of the study entailed lack of willingness by nurse manager to participate. The strength of the study entailed consideration of developing research with other significant groups of nursing managers which ensured there is an improved proposed model. In relation to the finding, the researcher cannot generalize to other population since decision-making procedure is not the same. Decision-making procedure in hospital setup must be attained through education institutions for excellent professional preparation when it comes to decision-making.



Eduardo, E. A., Peres, A. M., Almeida, M. D. L. D., Roglio, K. D. D., & Bernardino, E. (2015). Analysis of the decision-making process of nurse managers: a collective reflection. Rev Bras Enferm, 68(4), 668-675. Retrieved on 06th February 2018, from:


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