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Assignment: End of Module Questions

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Analysis can be described as the systematic examination and evaluation of an element or information through separation of constituent parts to determine the interrelationships. The analysis phase of SDLC has the role of outlining new system's goals, the definition of project scope, assessment of its feasibility and provision of the initial work plan. The fundamental elements of a system proposal include the establishment of the current situation, identification of improvements and definition of elements necessary for the new system.

Business requirements can be described as what the business needs and relate to business objectives, vision, and goals. User requirements are those that help in the definition of what the users need to do to perform a needed task. Functional requirements usually break down the steps necessary for the business to achieve its requirements. The non-functional requirements, on the other hand, entail attributing a system should have. Some of the primary types include quality attributes, implementation constraints, and design.

There are some similarities between outcome analysis, technology analysis and activity elimination in which all of these works towards the betterment of the system only that they focus is different aspects of the system. For example, outcome analysis works to evaluate the sufficiency of the system for the organization's progress. Technology analysis, on the other hand, entails analysis of various technologies leading the compilation of the most appropriate. Finally, there is activity elimination which works to ensure redundant elements that can hinder organizational succeed are eliminated. These strategies are critical in the determination of system requirements since they describe the efficiency, technologies to be used and the essential attributes.

The development of Use Case while performing system analysis is important since it works to explain and document the required interaction between the user and the system necessary for the accomplishment of the specific user task. It also serves the purposes of illustrating tasks performed by the system users in addition to being viewed as a functional view of the business process. The development of the Use Cases helps the analysts to understand the situation while also simplifying later modeling activities when performing the analysis.

In the development of requirements definition for the novice system, the following was done:

Functional Requirement

Version One

The firm's interview schedule is posted on the system by the HR staff.

The potential interviewees can only serve one interview chance.

Interviewees can change their interview reservation anytime until the interview date.

Confirmation of interview reservation is emailed to the interviewees 48hrs before the actual date of the interview.

Version Two

Candidates can register on a waiting list there are no vacancies on the interview schedule.

In case of open vacancies, candidates can be notified via email.

Version Three

Candidates can post their qualifications, and when there are vacancies from companies looking for such qualifications, the candidates get a notification through the email.

Non-Functional Requirements for Version One, Two and Three

System Operation

The operation of the system is real time, and interview vacancies are updated according to their availability.

The system is online 24/7 irrespective of whether the human resource department is open.

System Performance

The system is accessible through various means such as web browser and mobile application.

There is the integration of the system with other systems such as resume posting and job listing.

System Security

The system is made accessible to only candidates registered with the department.

The identifier of the candidates in the system is their name or details specific to them.

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