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Reaction to the Hamel's Moon Shots

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Middlebury College
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Moon Shots is a program that identifies the various changes that we are supposed to learn on how to lead and manage an organization successfully. The reaction to the Hamel's Moon Shots should, therefore, be positive and mainly works to words achievement of a better leadership within an organization and thus to enhance better performance. The reaction to the Hamels Moon Shots therefore includes:

The program ensures that the entire work of the management serves a higher and a greater purpose and therefore the program should earnestly be supported to ensure that good leadership skills are attained.

The program also advocates for increasing trust within the organization and reducing fear, which is a very positive step in any organization and should, therefore, be embraced with the humility of heart to ensure that the proper management of the organization is achieved.

It also brings it very clear that the organization should embrace and expand the general scope of the anatomy. This, therefore, calls for a proper application of the principle to ensure that the management system is greatly realized through the involvement of the grassroots stakeholder to enhance proper management and at the same time to realize the companies dreams.

The program also calls for a better communication system which majorly for the basics of any successful management as it forms the back root of any successful management and therefore should be highly recommended.

I also support the programs idea to exploit and encourage diversity within the management system. This will influences the company positively as there will be room for innovation now that the management will be all-inclusive, thus will greatly improve the performance within the management level, and therefore is highly recommended

It also greatly involves the ability to greatly humanize the human language, and this is of great importance as it will highly enhance performance within the management and the general support and therefore increase good working relationship and thus increase performance.

The main priority in the in the program I can highly support includes:

The reconstruction of the management and its philosophical foundation. This is mainly to enable the management system to build an organization, which is greater than just merely efficient. The management system needs to borrow various examples from the field of science such as biology and another field of psychology.

The other important and more constructive part of the system is sharing the work of setting the management direction. To improve the process of sharing ideas in the management will make the staff more competent and this will result because almost all the staff will feel involved from both the junior staffs to the senior staffs.

Another good and important idea from the program is the idea that there is need to have a democracy of information. This can be regarded as a very significant point because many organization and companies require a very good information distribution to almost all the employees to enable proper management of the system.

Retraining of the managerial skills and minds is another important idea from the program that I greatly support. This is because the managers deductive and managerial skills need to be highly improved to improve the management system within the company.

What influences my choices for the top priorities that I mentioned majorly includes:

To come up with an organization which is exhibiting greater improvements and achievement, there should be the reconstruction of the managerial skills and good philosophical foundation of the management system and also the good administrative system to ensure that rapid growth in the system.

The inclusive of all members of the staff in decision making and setting of the managerial direction is a very important factor that has seen the rise of many companies and organizations. This is why I consider the collective setting of the management system as a very important role in the program, and when properly implemented then it will ensure that there is a greater improvement in the performance of the organization.

Another good fortune in the managerial system is the ability to have a good, democracy within the comp[any or the organization which will greatly enable the system to run smoothly as every employee will be granted its right and opportunity and this will greatly improve the performance of the organization.

Proper communication and a nice generate humanize language mainly from the top management of the company will be of great importance and will highly motivate the workers and the general staff within the organization. This will in a way or the other improve the performance of the system.

How the above choices relate to my own development as a manager

They relate to my development in various ways such as

It improves my relationship with the other staff and all also to my employees and thus makes the work easier.

It also enables innovation and proper improvement through information sharing thus extending to the provision of greater ideas.

What I plant for improving myself as a manager include;

I want to embark on the proper collection of information to motivate my workers and increase innovation within the organization through information sharing and thus improving the performance of the organization through proper managerial skills.

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