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Climate Change: Reality or a Myth?

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Climate change, also known as global warming or climate disruption, is currently a contentious issue worldwide. Many people believe in climate change and assert that it is a human-created phenomenon which can only be solved through human efforts. However, there is other faction of people who consider global warming to be a hoax and is not worth the fuss. Those against climate change debates have always questioned the entire issue: whether it is real or being used for social and economic control. The alleged facts used by the media and the environmentalist to prove the existence of the climate change has been flawed. It can be contended that global warming is not a reality but rather, it should be perceived as a myth.

The history of the scientific discovery of climate change began in the early 19th century with intense debates amongst scientists on whether northern Europe had been covered with ice thousands of years ago or not (Harding, 2007). Later on, scientists discovered that certain gases in the air trap and slowed down the heat that would otherwise escape into space. Carbon dioxide is a significant player. Without any of it in the air, the Earth would be a frozen wasteland. The greenhouse gases being released by human activities are often called carbon emissions. That is because two of the most critical gases carbon dioxide and methane contain carbon (Gillis, 2017). This is an indication that natural factors (carbon dioxide and methane gases) are causing global warming as opposed to human activities. According to Gillis (2007), global warming is not a reality but a mere scam that needs to be abandoned altogether. The contemporary society is yet to embrace the campaigns directed towards climate change efforts (Gillis, 2017). This implies that the political demand for change on various highlighted human activities that are considered to be the causal factors of global warming have failed. Such campaigns have been dwarfed by the factions blocking climate change debates.

Skepticism over the reality of climate change was increased by John Colemans comments which refuted the existence of global warming (Snopes Staff, 2017). John Coleman, journalist, news weathercaster, former TV meteorologist and co-founder of The Weather Channel, has spent over 60 years in weather broadcasting. He is an outspoken and skeptic of global warming. He was interviewed by Megayn Kelly on Fox News. He blatantly called human-caused global warming a myth (Snopes Staff, 2017). He was also interviewed by Brian Stelter on CNN, calling climate change baloney and a government scam. He explained how the government is always spending exorbitant amounts of money ($2.5 billions) yearly for climate research. According to Coleman, the government only gives out that cash to scientists to manipulate scientific results that support the global warming hypothesis, ultimately aligning with Democratic Partys position (Snopes Staff, 2017). Therefore, to get that money scientists must support the governments position on global warming. Perhaps this explains as to why 97 % of the scientific reports published support global warming. Vladimir Putins views on climate change debates portray global warming as myth and not a reality. He believes that climate change is being used as a geostrategic weapon. He believes global warming is an elaborate hoax perpetrated by other nations to restrain Russia from using its vast oil and natural gas reserves and impede the nations industrial development (Meredith & Cutmore, 2017). Also, Putin stated that in the 1930s, the world did not have such anthropological factors, such emissions, and yet the global warming had already started. Apparently, icebergs have been melting for decades, and Vladimir Putin suggested that global warming was not humankinds fault. It is he changing of the times and humans need to adjust. Climate change should be embraced as something that cannot be controlled by humans since it is a natural phenomenon. According to President Putins views, global warming is unstoppable, and it has got nothing to do with man-made activities, thus highlighting the need of adapting to global warming (Karpukhin, 2017). It is apparent that climate change has existed long before the inception of carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

President Trumps recent undertakings also imply that the much-debated scourge of climate change is exaggerated and such efforts need to be channeled to other sectors that can improve the welfare of the nation. On March, 2017, Trump signed an executive order which was meant to revoke some of the regulations which had been passed by Obamas administration. Such policies were meant to facilitate the processes of curbing the devastating effects of global warming. This paved the way for the suspension of about six measures which had been ratified by his predecessor on climate change (Meredith & Cutmore, 2017). Such a move angered global partners who were committed towards the eradication of the impending adverse impact of global warming. However, Trumps decision helped in exposing some of the inconsistencies associated with global warming campaigns. It is an indication that human beings do not have a significant influence on the climate change since it is a natural phenomenon and not a man-made feature. Theories linking man-made efforts towards the escalating climate do not necessarily provide adequate facts to support such claims. According to the recent assertions by Murray Energy Chairman, Robert Murray, global warming is just but a hoax since it has always demystified allegations that climate change cannot exit since the Earth is cooling (Christopher, 2017). Murrays analysis indicated that there was not authentic scientific research which can prove the existence of climate change. But on contrary, Murray claimed that he had over 4000 scientists who can adequately prove that global warming is fake, since the Earth has cooled for the about the last 20 years. Such claims strengthen my position which contends that climate change is a myth.

After exploring the views of those that are against global warming, it is implied that climate change phenomenon is not man-made. From John Colmans assertions, it can be suggested that the government is influencing scientific findings on global warming to manipulate the perceptions of the public towards this issue. It follows that global warming is myth, highlighting the need of adjusting to the occurrences of climate change.



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