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The environment has always remained one of the key major issues to address in matters concerning its vulnerability. Factors such as climate change and a decline in animal population have made significant impacts towards the need for conservation. Overall, humans have benefited from nature with ecosystem services like agriculture. Agriculture has proven to be beneficial for the role it plays regarding the provision of food, fuel, fiber, among other services (Conserve Energy Future, 2018). Over the recent years, targets have been set for the achievement of biodiversity. Often, research has shown that one of the main contributing factors that lead to loss of biodiversity is intensive agricultural production.

Agriculture can have both harmful and beneficial impacts on the environment. However, it depends on the kind of mechanism that is applied. For instance, through identification of key agri-environmental issues, policymakers and the general public can come up with ways to develop practices which in turn can constitute sustainable agriculture (Kaphengst & Gerdes, 2018). This can be classified according to the integration of specific objectives which includes socio-economic equity and enhancing a profitable economy. In this case, such practices should include consumption of food that is free of chemicals, enriching the soil by plant material and animal manure as well as avoiding the use of small-scale farming which in turn leads to intense agricultural production.

Ever since urban agriculture was introduced, it has continued to make significant impacts towards the environment from the results that it produces. Usually, it involves the cultivation of plants and rearing of animals from within cities or around them. Research has shown that although it has limitations for the certain kind of benefits, it provides when taken collectively it can be equally as effective (Interconnected benefits of urban agriculture, 2018). It is also widely considered as alternative food security option. The future aspect of this kind of practice has motivated some countries to undertake the initiative. This is because it is mainly composed of two main characteristics, there is sufficient area to undertake such a practice, and there is also the potential for scaling the mixture of crops. This, in turn, promotes urban cultivation. Also, urban agriculture can also play a role in the management of the environment. For example, recycling of nutrients by composting organic wastes and reuse of wastewater.

In general, agriculture plays a vital role in environmental management. People tend to benefit from the kind of services it offers such as food production, fuel, fiber among other services. Practices such as urban agriculture have been widely considered as an alternative option both for food security and environmental management. The main factors which contribute to the sustainable balance of agriculture are the urge for production of food and the preservation of environmental ecosystems. Biodiversity can also be achieved through agricultural production. Finally, organic agriculture has a long-term goal regarding sustainability. This is because it mainly considers the impact that agricultural intervention can create within the agro-ecosystem. Its main aim focuses on producing food while maintaining an ecological balance to control soil fertility or pest problems.


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