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Report on Water Audit at the College Campus and at Home

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University of California, Santa Barbara
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This report looks at the water audit both at the college campus and at home and compares consumption in both locations. The college administration intended to quantify the amount of water used both on campus and off campus, particularly at individual homes. Taking a look at the table, it is clear that for both cases (Ideal Quantity consumed and Current consumption), consumption of water in all areas, ranging from drinking to bathing, residential areas consumed higher amounts of water than non-residential areas. Residential occupants spent the most of amount of water on washing in both cases, compared to their non-residential counterparts. The least amount of water was used for drinking for both residents and non-residents.

To collect data for this study, I noted my usage of water and recorder for further analysis. I did this while at the college as well as when at home. I was keen on the various activities I did on each day and considered them individually regarding consumption of water. I recorded the values in the above table and used them to find the totals for the subsequent analysis. The study took a whole week, giving me an opportunity to gather data while observing the daily activities both on campus and off-campus. Apart from the ways mentioned in the table, the study also revealed that water was also used in swimming pools and fountains on campus and some homes.

To collect data at home, I chose one individual and took him through the process of data collection which involved using calibrated containers to measure water before and after usage (where necessary). The individual was to measure the amount of water he used on the activities that were mentioned earlier at any given time. The totals for every single action were then taken and recorded before being forwarded to me.

Conducting a water audit at home could be a little more comfortable because of the small number of people involved. For a family of five, a water audit could start by monitoring the activities that include water usage and their specific times that the water is used. For instance, drinking water could be measured, put in a container and then monitored for how long it takes the family to complete the water.

While collecting data at home, some activities brought up challenges that might have affected our findings. The events include drinking and bathing. The two actions were most unsustainable because it is not easy to predict when and where an individual might get thirsty, same applies to bathing. One might get dry and decided to drink water from elsewhere around the home, ignoring the sample water.

Subsidies are forms of financial support given to an economic sector with the general aim of promoting social and economic policy. The UAE records one of the highest water per capita consumptions in the world. The government seeks to remove water subsidies in a bid to reduce excessive water consumption among citizens.


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