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Advertisement Appeal - Essay Example on Advertising

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Marketers used different techniques to appeal to their potential and target customers so that they can increase interest and make a possible sale. Some of the methods adopted by advertisers include propaganda, claim, and association marketing. They are discussed under the following:

Propaganda Advertising: This is one of the techniques used by marketers as they put false notions to the public so that they can push their sale. Messages conveyed to both the potential and existing customers are exaggerated and contain high elements of untruths, which is the main reason they are referred to as propaganda. A company makes a sale when it manages to convince the public that their claims are true and represent the true and fair value of facts. The above advert targets people who are struggling losing weight. Creators and developers of the marketing stunt recognize that both men and women go through a hard time trying to lose weight and an instant solution that would give those results within a short time would be a welcome idea (Schudson 36). It appears real that using the wonder nutrient' in the advert would lead to positive results for all users within two weeks. The mood created by the advert is one of happiness as it shows an image of a happy woman who seems delighted because she has reached her ideal weight after using the product. There is a direct relationship between the pictorial elements of the advert and the written material. This is evident from the woman shown in the image which has lost their weight.

Association Marketing: Marketers capitalize on associating their products with famous or influential people they know many persons would want to connect with due to their social, economic, success, amongst others forms of statuses (Schudson 49). The advertisements provoke an emotional response from clients who respond by making a purchase. For instance, Chanels perfumes products have managed to make sales over the years due to their close association of their products with celebrities like Brad Pitt. Both men and women who like the actor and want to identify with him through the smell of the perfume have purchased the product. The background of the advert communicates to the audience that the celeb is highly content with the product.

Claim Advertising: This is one of the widely used forms of marketing by companies where they argue that their products possess unique elements and ingredients that will help their consumers achieve better results than those of their competitors. For instance, the advert claims that consumers will have a support of their immune system after taking the tablets. The product also claims that it has more than ten additional vitamins, herbs, and minerals which should motivate a buyer to make a purchase. The advert uses a smiley interface of a man holding a solution of the tablets as a confirmation that they got the assistance they needed after consuming the immune booster product. The impression created is one of a satisfied customer that delights in what they had in their hands. The item being advertised is an immune booster, and it plays a positive role in the American culture and society that wants to do better in health and willing to use instant solutions that promise them actual results. The advert justifies the notion that people are willing to use shortcuts to attain their objectives.


Work Cited

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