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Marketing Essay Example: Coke Advertisement

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Product: Coke

Coke is a product of coca-cola company, a powerful multinational institution with a stronger financial potential. The foundation of its success lies in its competent marketing strategy. Since the year 2014, the coke product is branded share a coke. As simple as it is, aspects of creativity and meaning beyond the understanding of the lay people surrounds the idea. People share a coke to share the feeling, implying that, the product is not only suited for an individual consumption but becomes more enjoyable when consumed in a group (Moye, 2014). The motive is to share, and while doing this, the rate of buying increases and so is the revenue. While marketing, the idea behind sharing is the acquisition of a similar level of freshness, sweetness and thinking ability that comes as a result of the cooling impact.

Notably, the brand share a coke is a competitive advantage that the product is having compared to its substitutes (Moye, 2014). The idea is that it places itself in a position implying that, out of all the drinks available in the market, it is the only one worthy of sharing. It is the information that the brand speaks boldly, and this is a marketing language only understood by marketing experts. Furthermore, in appearance, it is simple and likely to be ignored by the competitors as it may be viewed as inferior, but the reality of the matter is that its impacts have been felt globally since 2014. It is an obvious strategy but which can be compared to none as it captures the market attention and keeps on creating and retaining customers by the art of sharing a coke.


Notably, the marketing strategy of coke advert is so simple hence ease of understanding. The most important aspect is the fact that, the brand share a coke, did not stop there, but the name of the friends to share a coke with are tagged on the coke bottles. It is an attention-grabbing move, which not only makes one buy the drink but enjoys consuming it hence the potential for customer satisfaction. There is nothing greater than identifying with a customer, as its implications are intrinsic and affect the attitude automatically. Furthermore, it enhances the conviction value to purchase the product as one can buy for as many friends as possible with names tagged hence increasing its specialty (Liu, & Lopez, 2016).

The ultimate objective of share a coke is the creation of memory and a true feeling that cannot be lost easily. Memory is the source of purchase and repurchase idea. The drive that may make an individual to develop a habit of purchasing a given product is the true feeling derived from the better memory and quality of service. Notably, as much as the share a coke campaign is influential, the quality, freshness ability, and sweetness of the taste are maintained. Importantly, the product considers the purchasing power of individuals hence ensures that they are affordable and bottled by the demand and financial potential of the buyers (Liu & Lopez, 2016).

In conclusion, the marketing brand has made the product noticeable, likable, insightful and improved its capability to create an emotional appeal. It breeds family and community cohesiveness through shared happiness feelings emerging from a product, share a coke is therefore beyond the brand name as its relevancy, taste, and ability to instill joy on a tired, thirsty face is undoubted.



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Moye, J. (2014). Share a Coke: How the Groundbreaking Campaign Got Its Start'Down Under'. Coca-Cola Company.


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