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My First Day at School - Personal Essay Example

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Boston College
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Creative writing
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Life is filled with events. Every day comes with a new event. The first day of school is perhaps a child's new encounter. It is a new event for him or her since it is time to encounter many new things. My first day at school was a memorable experience. It is still fresh in my mind to date. It was on June twelfth. I got up earlier than usual to get prepared. The journey to school began. I was accompanied by my father.

We arrived at the school where we were greeted with excitement from the other students. Some cheered, while others were anxious to interact with me. However, there were things to be done first. We went directly to the office where we found four men seated behind the counter. They appeared engaged in their duties, and they had little time to talk to us. One of them served us with a form to fill my details. My father assisted in filling the form. Once we were through filling the form, we turned it back to one of the men who served it. He checked the form and struck a bell. To the response, a peon came in and was instructed to lead us to the staff room.

In the staff room, we found many teachers seated around a long table. Everyone was looking at me, with smiles on their faces. It was a sign of welcome. My father produced the form we were given in the previous office and handed over to one of the teachers. The teacher tasked me with an English test. It was a frightening experience. I was in doubt whether I would make it, but the teacher encouraged me. He told me it was an easy one. Nevertheless, I recollected myself and was excited to realize that I had scored everything. I proceeded to another teacher who gave me some five sums to solve. It was another easy experience. I was done with tests.

My father was directed to the principal's office where he cleared the admission process. When he came back, I was told the admission process was over, and I was directed to class. One of the teachers accompanied me to class as my father left the school. The classroom was medium-sized with desks arranged in rows. My classmates cheered. It was a warm welcome indeed. The teacher introduced me after which she directed me to sit in the middle row. Soon another teacher came in for a lesson. I did not know what to do, but the teacher was an interesting one who took me slowly as he integrated me into the classroom.

I was almost enjoying the classroom when the recess bell was rung. Everyone was rushing out. My deskmate was a kind boy who told me that it was time to go outside for a break. However, he left me behind. I got up to follow the rest of the students. While I was outside, a few boys rushed to me. "From which jungle are you coming from" one of them asked soundly. I was a little scared by his firm voice. Immediately, a few others came and took me away to a playing field where they encouraged me to play alongside them. They would also crack jokes, and we laughed. It was becoming lively, and the little bit of loneliness was disintegrating into a tin air. By the end of the short break, was a member of the student family.

We went back to a class and I realized I was more relaxed than before. I enjoyed the rest of my classes until evening broke in when it was time to go home. My father was waiting at the gate. He picked me up, and we drove home. The first day at school was over.

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