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Writing With Style - Paper Example

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University of California, Santa Barbara
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Article review
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Written work is an essential part when it comes to assessment in Marketing. Most of the undergraduate courses require students to submit essays which also provide exams preparation. In undergraduate and masters courses, students are required to write dissertations which are often much longer than the normal essays. This essay will be addressing referencing, formatting, the writing rules, and the evidence of work that are needed in writing a successful academic paper.

Essays are written to answer questions given by their instructors, and they have to figure out the requirements of the question. In essays, instructors look for coherence and arguments which answer the questions one has selected. These questions should be answered in a more focused way that demonstrates ones understanding of the questions asked (Strauss, January 20, 2012). Before starting an essay, it is imperative to plan so that it does not loose coherence. The essay will consist of an analysis presenting several points in the form of arguments. It is crucial to present the appropriate evidence for the essay and give details in case studies, but they should all give points that are relevant to the analysis being given. All the parts of the essay need to be relevant. Apart from being able to present other peoples opinions, one should also be able to develop their point of view regarding the topic.

Essays may have different rules, but the most common and basic ones are that it must have an introduction, body, and a conclusion. The introduction part contains the thesis statement, and why a particular issue or question is worth studying. The introduction may include the key definitions of certain terms or concepts. In the body, the student provides the analysis and evidence while the conclusion gives a summary of all the points that have been discussed (Strauss, January 20, 2012). An essay is required to have a title page, text with the footnotes, and a bibliography. The title page contains the students name, course title, instructors name, title of the paper, and date of submission. The text should be on A4 paper, 1-inch margins, single or double spacing, and font size of 11 or 12point. Punctuation and syntax should follow the basic rules of the English language and should be used appropriately where needed.

Plagiarism is a practice that should be avoided at all costs, it involves unacknowledged copying of ideas or materials from anyone, and it is considered a serious academic offence (Strauss, January 20, 2012). It is important to acknowledge the source of your statements, even if they have been reworded or paraphrased. It is crucial for an essay to include a bibliography and references. It is important to reference a source correctly as it portrays good scholarship in any course.

There are several writing formats such as APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard. Each of these formats has different styles of referencing and in-text citing. Students should be able to format their work in any of these formats with ease and correctly. In-text citations allow the reader to locate where a particular source has been used in the text. The references should follow the basic rules of the format used by giving the name of the author, date the text was written, and the specific page number used (Strauss, January 20, 2012). Understanding all these basic rules is crucial as it allows one to write coherent academic papers, follow the instructions given, and also acknowledge the sources used. It also makes the students confident about the paper they have submitted.


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