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Law School Application Essays

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University of Richmond
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In What Way Would Your Knowledge, Background, And/or Experience Enhance The Capital University Law School Community?

I was born in Iraq and raised in a multiethnic and multicultural environment. My father is Kurdish, and my mother is Turkish. In the multicultural surrounding where I was born and raised, I had the opportunity to interact and learn other peoples cultures. The exposure motivated my desire to learn these new languages. My knowledge and background will enhance the Capital University Law school Community in the following ways: Firstly, my ability to speak different languages such as Arabic, Turkish, and German will help me to provide insights to other students regarding the cultures and language barriers that such communities can face during a court proceeding. Capital University aims at accepting diverse students from various ethnic backgrounds in their learning courses. I believe my cultural experience and exposure to different communities will add value to the Universitys Law school Community since I will act as a representative of both my culture and the other tribes. My cultural and background experience will come in handy when engaging in discussions with other students especially during open houses and events such as the MLK day of learning among others. I will have the opportunity to describe the experiences of other tribes and the challenges they face to the rest of the students. I will provide insight and instill a sense of understanding to the rest of the faculty, which I believe will be of significance to my law career and that of the other students. For this case, my educational background and cultural experiences will be of needed help to the academics of Capital University Law School Community as I will exchange my ideas with the rest of my colleagues and broaden their understanding regarding diversity and cultural values.

Please Describe Why You're Interested in Cincinnati Law College.

Cincinnati Law College has been ranked by magazines such as National Jurist and preLaw as one of the best value law schools. Besides, the institution offers engaging experiences such as the writing competition, which I will take advantage of and hone my writing skills by displaying my ideas to the world. Additionally, some other essential experiences include Pro Bono services, active student organizations, clinics that provide students with opportunities to develop practical skills, and externship programs that assist in developing hands-on experience in various industries. Concerning academics, Cincinnati Law College offers multiple programs such as the JD Program, which prepares students to enter different settings in the world. The experiences and programs provided by the institution will significantly fuel my motivation and interest to study at the College because I will utilize those programs and experiences to display my skills and cultural diversity to the academics and extracurricular activities.

Please Provide A Brief Statement On Why You Are Applying To Capital University Law School.

I was born and raised in a multicultural environment, and I can speak various languages such as Arabic, Turkish, and German. The high rankings, experiences, and programs offered by the institution will play a crucial part in polishing my skills to become a professional lawyer. The school will provide me with the best platform to educate my colleagues and learn from qualified professors who will guide my steps towards achieving my goals. I am applying at Capital University Law School to gain skills and knowledge so that I can help minority groups in the societies, and fight for human rights and justice. I would like to become an international lawyer and possibly work for the UN. Capital University Law School is the best institution to sharpen my skills and offers the opportunity to reach such heights.

Briefly Describe Your Interest in Ohio Northern University's Pettit College of Law.

The student life at Ohio Northern University Pettit College of Law is filled with numerous opportunities. For instance, the institution has a law career services office, which helps all law students with their inquiries be it either job searching or internship. The office promises to support all students to achieve their career endeavors. The College also runs various motivational awards and activities such as the Willis Society and the Outstanding Scholastic Achievement Award. The ONU Law Review is also an important opportunity that increased my interest to join the institution. The Review offers students with an opportunity to comment on various cases. Membership to the Review will be an honor. The academics department is organized into various sections that all function to ensure the students life at the institution and outside will be of significance to the individual and the community.

Briefly Describe Your Interest In ONU Law's Summer Starter Program.

My interest in the Summer Starter Program culminates from the benefits it offers to passionate students. I desire to become a professional lawyer who will represent the needs of the minority, reach out to refugee communities, and provide legal advice to these groups. The Starter Program promises successful students various opportunities in the university such as serving on the Editorial Board of the Law Review, competing on national and international moot court teams and acting as a peer mentor among others. I will use these opportunities to highlight my diversity and experience with other cultures, and use it to learn from other students hailing from diverse backgrounds. I am interested in the Starter Program because it will enable the faculty and my colleagues to recognize my potential as a future lawyer and motivate me to continue pushing on towards meeting my goals.

Provide Any Information About Yourself You Believe Will Assist The College In Enrolling A Diverse Class. Do You Believe Your Admission Would Help To Correct The Traditional Underrepresentation Of A Particular Minority Or Disadvantaged Group In The Legal Profession?

I was born and raised in a multicultural environment. My father is Turkish, and my mother is Kurdish. Iran is where I was born, we later moved to Jordan and finally settled in the United States. In the multicultural environment, I learned to appreciate the diversity of the people and respect their values. My interaction with a variety of cultures motivated me to learn many languages. I am capable of speaking Arabic fluently; I have gained an understanding of Spanish, and currently learning Turkish and German. My ability to speak different languages will enable me to reach out to individuals who have difficulties in articulating any of the four languages. Moreover, I have engaged in various volunteer activities. I have worked as a volunteer at the Turkish American Society of Ohio- TASO, brief advice and referral clinics volunteer at the Legal Aid Society of Columbus, and adult ESL volunteer teacher at the Ethiopian Tewahedo Social Services. I believe the information mentioned above will be of significant help to the admissions team at the Moritz College of Law in the enrollment of a diverse class.

My admission to the College will correct the underrepresentation of a particular minority group in the legal profession. I can speak Arabic fluently. I have an intermediate level in both Spanish and Turkish, and a beginner level in German. If specific ethnic groups such as the Arabs are underrepresented in the legal profession, I will serve as a representative of this community. My language proficiency will break the traditional barrier that may have been in existence in the job. If the school has never admitted a student raised by Turkish and Kurdish parents, I will be the first one in the history of the institution.

My Leadership Abilities

I believe I have what it takes to be a leader in my profession solely because of my background and experience with various communities. I have participated in different organizations where I have assumed different leadership roles. For instance, I have worked as an Arabic tutor. I helped students with their Arabic language skills in writing, speaking, reading, and listening. In Dublin, I worked as a customer service specialist, and I was tasked with the responsibility to train new employees on business systems and processes. I also solved various problems and made decisions that drove customer service, sales, and profits. My leadership skills are also evident when I engaged students in class work activities such as reading and writing, helped them develop critical and higher order thinking, and enforced rules and policies when they were required in the Ethiopian Tewahedo Social Services where I worked as an after-school program tutor. As a retail sales consultant at OfficeMax, I developed product and key solution in critical areas such as technology and furniture. I also built ongoing customer relationships.

Equally important, I have participated in various volunteer activities in different organizations to serve the community. In these volunteer positions, I performed multiple tasks such as engaging students in class work activities, preparing lesson plans, evaluating students performance, checking in clients and maintaining an orderly intake form, and acting as an interpreter. Working in these different positions has built my confidence and the belief that I have the potential to become a successful leader in my career as a lawyer. For this case, I believe I am the perfect candidate to be awarded the Leadership Scholarship since my character and various life achievements signify the potential capability in me.

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