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What Makes a Feminist? - Essay Example

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Feminism illustrates interdisciplinary approaches of issues relating to equity and equality mainly based on gender identity, sex, gender expression and sexuality, as represented in various political and social theories. The paper describes Cardi B as a feminist and outlines what makes feminism. The article further outlines how Cardi Bs politics are feminist and describes why she represents a new brand of feminism. The paper concludes by explaining the significance of Cardi Bs feminism to the poor and black women.

A feminist is made up of the fact that she believes that both men and women deserve equal rights. Having access to high education levels, therefore, do not make a woman a feminist. A feminist goes ahead to interrogate the inequities and inequalities that intersect the lines of gender, ability, sexuality and class (Carastathis, 2014; Pimentel, 2017). A feminist seeks to make a difference where these intersectional lines establish gender inequity. Campaigning in areas relating to domestic violence, social justice, fairness and professional issues also make a feminist.

Cardi B and Her Feminist Politics

Cardi B boldly identifies as a feminist, and she is fully aware of the way the society view her. Cardi Bs feminist politics state that respectable politics are hard and harmful to practice as the world requires women to access, emulate and practice whiteness in efforts to survive. According to Vernon (2015), women kill themselves and eradicate their culture hoping to garner and sustain humanity. Cardi Bs feminist politics, therefore, illustrates that if all black lives matter, the black looks should matter too. Her feministic politics establishes a culture that allows black femmes and women get empowered when performing, presenting and navigating outside the concept of respectability.

Cardi Bs feminist politics represent a new brand of feminism altogether and is far different from her fellow artists who take clear stands on other issues that do not relate to music. Her journey to the top can also be described as traditional, and her experiences on her way there spin her concept of gender equality (Cardi, 2016). Williams (2017) expound that her Instagram profile displays her past, relationships, career and her feminism and this has made her feminist politics stand out from those of other artists. Her feminism is uniquely recognized, and thus she presents a new brand of feminism.

Importance of Cardi Bs Feminism to the Poor and Black Women

Cardi Bs feminism is very vital to the poor and black women as she exposes how the blacks have been hated by the systems and this has even been exposed in television shows. Cardi Bs feminism reveals how the reality television shows capitalize on black bodies and culture and further illustrates that the systems within the back cultures are set to kill the black women despite their capabilities to survive (Delpla, 2015). Her feminism is vital as it unravels the burden black and poor women carry resulting from colonization, and she outlines that women cannot undo these systems on their own. Cardi Bs feminism challenges the poor and low-class women to promote their bodies and have the freedom to identify and be proud of their skins (Reynolds, 2017). Her openness challenges those women with poor backgrounds to rise above them and find freedom which can only be found away from the supremacy of the whites.


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