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Why Repeal and Replace of Obamacare - Essay Example

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Obamacare is the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act that was signed in 2010 by President Obama. The primary aim of the Act is to extend health insurance coverage to more than 15 percent of the US population that is not covered. Also, individuals that are not covered by the united states health programs for the poor and those that receive no coverage from their employees benefit from Obama care (Dylan and Kliff).However, the bill was not received well by the Republicans, led by the current president Trump. The day that Obama signed the bill, Republicans vowed not only to repeal and replace it with a more conservative health policy. In fact, it was one of president Trumps campaigning tool in the last general election. However, Republicans have failed to repeal and replace the Act yet they have majority seats in the House, Senate and they control the white house.

After a seven years quest to repeal Obamacare, the Senate rejected the bill that aimed at replacing major pieces of Obamacare when it came to the floor of the house. Outside observers blamed President Trumps failures of leadership. The president did little in ensuring that the public opinion is mobilized and did not build consensus in Congress (Dylan and Kliff). He left the Congress to handle the matter and thus limited his intervention to neutralize the threats that senators like Murkowski posed. However, the rejection to repeal ACCA was more than that. The simple explanation on why the bill was opposed by the majority is that the republican failed to agree on a replacement plan, and the plan that they have suggested appeared not to work, and it is not popular (Dylan and Kliff). However, comprehending on why Republicans cannot repeal Obamacare needs deeper analysis. Campaigning against the policy for more than seven years, then after getting control of the government, the Republicans fail to deliver. First, the passage of the bill snarled due to political reasons. It is believed that a lot of republicans legislators support specific parts of Obamacare and the region where they come from like the as well. No legislator can oppose the fact that millions of American currently depend on Obamacare and are afraid of losing their benefits (Carroll and Jacobson)

The Republicans further had a big policy problem. They focused mostly repealing Obamacare; they spoke with one voice while promising Americans that they will repeal the health care law. However, replacing was an issue since they never came into agreement on how the alternative law will look like, the goals it will attain and the problems their policy will fix which Obamacare had not fixed. Currently, it is evident that Obamacare is working even though not perfectly, however, more people are benefiting. Any initiative by Trump administration, on the other hand, will leave millions of Americans without coverage, raising deductible for most and premium for many (McCarthy)

It is the highest time that both Democrats and Republican to come together and address some of the outstanding issues in the laws instead of lobbying to repeal the entire Act. Some of the contagious issues that have elicited public demand such as better enforcing the mandate that every person has insurance. Furthermore, public participation should also dominate the changes that will be proposed to the Act to ensure that every citizen is brought onboard.


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