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Coursework Sample: Diagram the Healthcare System Linkages and Alliances

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Course work
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The health sector in the United States is characterized by the existence of several healthcare firms which are linked to offer services to the patients throughout the country. Although the country has a large number of healthcare organizations, they all have inter-connected health care system where they rely on one another to provide a particular healthcare service. Healthcare firms operating in the United States Health Care Sector (USHCS) forms a part of the more extensive health care system through which they are linked with one another to provides services through linkages and alliances.

John Hopkins Health System Corporation is one of the most influential and most prominent healthcare organisation in the United States. The mission of the firm is to provide and improve the health of the community by setting standards in the clinical area, research, and medical education. The organization is mainly driven by four primary core values which are excellence and discovery, diversity and inclusion, leadership and integrity, and respect and collegiality. John Hopkins Health System Corporation is a non-profit making organization with the aim of providing quality healthcare to all people in the communities it operates within regardless of the race, color, and sex and creed.

Diversity and inclusion forms of the most integral factors that have resulted in the success of the firm. Similarly, the organization has expanded its relationship with other agencies such as Premier Inc. to improve efficiency. This means that the firms under John Hopkins Health System Corporation use Premiers suite of integrated services which provided opportunities to participate in the performance improvement and program for analytics services. Moreover, the under the John Hopkins Health System Corporation there are several health care centers such as the John Hopkins Hospital which is a medical organization established to provide state of the art health care services, quality treatment, and tertiary care to all patients. The organization offers medical services to patients at affordable rate

Additionally, Howard County General Hospital also performs it services under the John Hopkins Corporation. The Howard County General Hospital is a community-based hospital with the role of providing outpatient services to patients. This kind of services falls in line with the mission of the parent firm with s to provide quality healthcare series. The two organization forms linkage and alliances where they can refer patients to the hospital with the better equipments to treat the complicated condition. Further, the partnerships with other hospitals enable the organization to provide training and other support services for better service delivery. The staff members, the community, faculty members, and students engage each other in activities which will see the organization improve its services to the society.

Additionally, the corporation receives interns and trainees from John Hopkins University and other institutions from across the nation. Such collaborations with the learning instructions make sure that the trainees and the interns have the necessary skill before they finish studies and they are ready to take responsibility. Furthermore, the collaboration other health care organizations through accepting referrals, provision community-based health care, and providing state of the art treatments equipment ensure that the organization stays true to its mission and vision. Alliances for the group occurs on multiples fronts for community responsivity and health education.

To sum up, healthcare organizations in the United States healthcare systems that are interlinked to make sure that agencies provide quality services to the patients. The firm works with other healthcare firms and learning institutions to ensure that physicians, students, and other healthcare providers to serve the community. The graphical representation below shows the linkage between the organization and its principal stakeholders who are the patients.


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