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Why Do You Want an Advanced Practice Degree in Nursing? Essay Example

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Middlebury College
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An advanced practice degree in nursing will ground me in theory and research and will be a guide in my clinical practice. I will be able to work directly in collegial capacities with other physicians and hence get the opportunity to diagnose and treat patients suffering from chronic and acute illnesses as well as be able to prescribe medications. The reason is that advanced registered nurses can utilize the knowledge for perspective authority and I can also dispense specific levels of controlled substances depending on the condition of the patient.

To be assigned such roles I will also be, required to be compassionate, smart, scurvy and very responsible.

As an advanced practice registered nurse, I will be able to exercise the higher level of independence in different areas as a result of the higher level of education and expertise.

Nurses with an advanced practice degree can make more decisions about patient care. Therefore, I will be able to assume an expanded responsibility in organizing for both individual and community care.

With an advanced Practice Degree in Nursing, I will get the chance to collaborate directly with patients while providing advanced care to maximize the probability of increasing positive results. They also collaborate directly with clients and patients, offering professional and advanced care to maximize positive outcomes. As an advanced practice nurse, I will be able to perform the role of managing both physical and labor resources and also make sure that the people working directly with the resources are acting ethically and inside the boundaries of the regulation.

What impact do you plan to have in the community?

An advanced practice degree in nursing will help me impact the community in a great way. For instance, I will also be able to practice patient advocacy as it will be my duty to inform the communities of their health matters. I will, therefore, get the opportunity to care for a large group of people. Moreover, I will be able to educate the community members concerning various trends and topics like disease prevention, promotion of good health as well as early disease prevention within a specific group of people.

I will also be able to teach different families how to take good care of their sick or disable family members. For example, I will get the opportunity to plan and execute campaigns that are propelled towards improving the health of the community. Moreover, the degree will enable me to learn various ways of improving the health and wellness of the community.

Moreover, an advanced practice degree in nursing will enable me to take pride in volunteer efforts. I will, therefore, be able to tend to the healthcare needs of the community at large. I will also get the opportunity to provide counseling lessons to various patients in the community in the form of guidance, wisdom as well as professional opinion. As such, the guidance and counseling will offer comfort and end-of-life care both for the patient and their family members. Such counseling helps the community during difficult decisions that they may require to encounter in the future.

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