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Discussion Questions on Being a Community Member - Paper Example

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Sewanee University of the South
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What makes you be one of this community member?

The first aspect of the sense of community is always determined by the membership. There are particular dimensions on which membership in a community is based upon. According to McMillan and Chavis, attributes that make one a community member are boundaries, personal safety, emotional safety, identification and sense of belonging and finally a shared universal symbol (Simpson, 2014). Either of the attributes can make one be a member of a given community. Simpson, (2014), one can be a community member through identification of because they belong to the community by owning investments. Further, McMillan says that community members place a great emphasis on the spirit of community. This question will help in the research process to know how one is a community member. For example, some community members are marked by elements of boundaries such as ritual, language as well as ritual. Thus this will help to know who is a community member and those who are not.

Do you have any influence towards the community decisions? If yes, how are you influential?

Influence in a community always tend to be bidirectional, in such a way that the members of the community should feel empowered to influence what others do, and if not, there is a likelihood of the members not to get motivated to participate. Community cohesiveness greatly relies upon a group influencing its members (Mannino, & Snyder, 2012). This question is of significance to the survey process in such a way that it will help in understanding how the role of power and influence creates an atmosphere for cohesiveness and community participation. Mannino, & Snyder, (2012), according to McMillan, influence occurs in the same time since, authority, justice, and order create an atmosphere for the exchange of power. Apparently, there are those community members of leaders who are so influential in most community decisions as well as they can easily be heard by all members of the community.

What have you benefited so far from the community?

Essentially, the community just as any group should in return help an individual achieve what they hoped to get by joining. A reward that a community may reward an individual may be intangible like a support network, the sense of belonging, thoughtful conversations and inspiration (Mannino, & Snyder, 2012). This question helps in the survey process to identify what individuals are proud of their community and what keeps them grow in the community as well as what motivates them to participate actively in the community.

What are some of the experiences in your community that you cannot forget?

Stories indicate the healthiness of a community. Community members have experienced together, and they consequently form long-term emotion connection. It is through this that communities undergo difficult times and later come out stronger because a bond will be developed (Moritsugu, 2015). The question helps in the survey process to know what one is proud of their community from what they value from the previous experiences. By understanding what one is proud of their community, it is easy to identify if the individual feels the sense of community.

Do you participate in community activities?

Moritsugu, (2015), participation in community activities indicates that one is proud and feels the sense of belonging and ready to give back to the community. This question will help to determine whether a person is proud of their community and if they are ready to give back to the community.


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