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The Young Dreamers - Argumentative Essay Example

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Argumentative essay
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I strongly support the dream act. It is a very important act that makes children of illegal immigrants obtains legal status. Children of illegal immigrants are a true citizen of America by birth and therefore it is vital when the Federal Government accord them the same status as other children (Maze, 2007). Dream Act has been under discussion for more than ten years and participants of the discussion have not seen the necessity to disregard more than 1.7 million young immigrants who migrate into the USA when they were children and still stay here without getting a national identity. I concur with these people because these children participate in nation building and yet the country does not want to recognize them as citizens.

Federal Government should pardon young immigrants

I am of the opinion that Federal Government should pardon young immigrants because they did not come to America intentionally but were brought in by their parents (Schrag, 2007). They are therefore blameless and innocent for their existing dilemma. They were brought to America when they were still under the control and influence of their parents. At that time they were being considered as minors and the decision was not binding and sometimes their parents forced them to come to America. I, therefore, believe that it is morally wrong to penalize children for the sin committed by their parents. I think the Government should treat them as victims of circumstance but not wrongdoers. Punishing them for the sin committed by their parents is like false imprisonment and victimization which morally wrong in the face of the law.

The government should capitalize on their presence

I also believe that the Federal Government has made a considerable investment in most of these young immigrants and it would be unethical to disregard that. The government has offered education to most of them because some of them went to public schools. I think it is economically good when the Government allows them to give back to the community where they grew in instead of returning them to where they have gained nothing. Some of these young illegal immigrants have acquired university degrees and diplomas. There were some who have received healthcare services from public hospitals financed by the Government (Lapan, 2011). I consider that Federal Government ought to have received a return on the investment they put in these young people by giving them the opportunity to participate in the economic and social building of the nation. There are some of these young immigrants who cannot join colleges and Universities because they do not have a national identity card (Schrag, 2007). The introduction of dream Act as part of laws of USA would boost the growth of American economy because these young immigrants would acquire education and start participating in nation building. When these young people are denied this opportunity, they will be useless members of the society who are either dependent or criminals thus increasing dependency ratio and crime rate.

Currently, there are very many complaints that people make about these young immigrants. Actually, these complaints are not true about them because a large number of them behave like Native Americans; they speak fluent English, have America lifestyle and lead American tradition. These people are fully assimilated and they cannot be differentiated from the rest of Americans (Lapan, 2011). For that matter, I do not see the reason for not granting these people the right to enjoy American citizenship. In addition, these young people are also willing and able to accept all the responsibilities and obligations of being American citizenship. I would only advice that the Government should only not grant this permission to a young immigrant who willingly rejects this opportunity but not to deprive the right of them.

I would also appreciate when Federal Government change this generation into ideal taxpayers. The Government should not accept to lose the great potential to other nations such as young people who still have the will, energy and hope to create new opportunities. The Government should invest in these people and transform their lives into useful members of the society. They will, therefore, contribute to the Government exchequer by paying tax to the Government (Lapan, 2011). It is unnecessary for the state to force a group of people to live unproductive lives in a country that does not accept their presence. The state should tap the potential of these young generations by allowing them to use their entrepreneurial skills in creating business ventures which remit the tax to the Government. The businesses they create will also provide job opportunities for some Americans and that will improve the economic status of other Americans

Documenting the young immigrants

By ensuring that Federal Government brings these young immigrants out of the shadows would improve national security (Schrag, 2007). This is because when the government regards them as illegal people, they will not be found but operate in America without notice by Government agencies. A country strengthens its national security when everybody operates openly and participates in nation-building. The Dream Act will allow young immigrants to forward their details to the Government by passing the background checks. They would also be required to give their personal addresses and contacts to the Government. This will give them the confidence to work and do business freely.

I also consider that granting young immigrants the opportunity to acquire American citizenship through dream Act does not make the Government incur any cost but would only derive long-term benefits (Lee, 2006). I believe that the fees that immigration offices collect from new applicants can cover the cost that would be used in running the dream Act program. The Government will lose nothing from passing the Dream Act but they will gain a lot. I am also sure that there are some young immigrants who want to serve as public servants either by joining military forces or police force (Schrag, 2007). Dream Act is the only opportunity that the Government has to exploit the potential of these people.

The law only requires that American citizens can work as public servants but when the Government implements this Act, it will also have the freedom to engage these young people (Feder, 2010). In addition, dream Act also is a significant way of maintaining American heritage. It can easily be taken as a nation that treats immigrants fairly and also a country that makes significant steps to reach out to young people. By allowing these people to get citizenship is also a way of complying with American tradition which makes it a sanctuary for exiles by accepting innocent people to stay and live in the country without treating them as refugees.


I would like the Government of America to implement the Dream Act so that young innocent immigrants have the opportunity to live and work in the USA. It is unethical to treat someone who found himself in a country to be treated as a refugee. This law will promote good nationhood and increase national security by allowing everybody to operate freely. I, therefore, support this idea.



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