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The University of California Admission Essay

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University of California, Santa Barbara
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Admission essay
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What would you say is your greatest talent or skill? How have you developed and demonstrated that talent over time?

Talents or skills play a fundamental role in human lives. They can entirely be used as a means of earning a livelihood or as a way of having fun. Everyone is blessed with unique strengths that can efficiently be used in living a successful life. In person, God blessed me with some skills and talents that have enabled me to achieve some of my goals in life and live peacefully with others. Helping others is one of the most outstanding talents that I was blessed with. However, during my younger ages, I never realized who I was regarding rendering help to others. During those times, the fish in selfish reflected my personality and my ego. I was so obsessed with myself and would fight for the best things and in the process, obstruct others from getting an equal share.

My perception of being selfless gradually changed as I mingled with different people in the society. There was one striking moment when I realized that being helpful is an essential attribute that one must fight for. During my time in elementary school, I was having lunch with my friends. Unfortunately, David forgot to bring his lunch, and he was so hungry and tired. Being a kid, all he could do was to cry as others ate their food. At that moment, I had started developing a sense of care. It pains me up to now that I did not care about him. Memories of that moment changed my perception of sharing. However, I managed to incorporate that weakness into my strengths and entirely changed regarding helping others.

Being selfless is a significant strength that has supported me in accepting the mistakes that I did before and ensuring that I live cordially with others, sharing every little thing that I own with the needy. It has also enabled me to contribute immensely to building relationships with many people and helping the society by carrying out cleaning projects and raising funds to provide food and clothing for the needy. As a high school sophomore, I played an essential role in organizing youth group events that brought more than 300 young people together. In addition to being selfless, I played football in high school, and I am looking forward to playing soccer at the university but in the off-season. I am very confident that my talent would play an integral role in the development of the University of California

"Every person has a creative side, and it can be expressed in many ways: problem-solving, original and innovative thinking, and artistically, to name a few. Describe how you express your creative side."

Creativity is the ability to develop a unique idea or provide a unique solution to a common problem. I usually use my imaginations and intuition to create something new or to make changes to something that is in existence. I have many attributes such as being open to unique experience, being observant and not fearing failure. Growing up as a kid, I had low self-esteem about who I was. I have easily put off my words that sounded nice but meant as painful as a paper cut. I was not the best student nor the worst. I usually found myself in an awkward spot, surrounded by kids who were very weird and annoying. I never loved the types of clothes that I used to put on since I never got a chance to choose what I wanted. In my mind, kids at school would not call me "cool." As a problem solver, I decided not to give up and believe in myself. I used to put on those clothes despite jeers from colleagues. At one moment, my mom bought me a polo shirt that was tight and wholly exposed my belly. She told me that I was just looking fine, but the inner meaning of her words was different. Resolving my problems was not hard. I decided to select my clothes whenever my mum took me for shopping, and that made me change my shirt size from XL to L. With time, my self-esteem rose, and I could quickly get along with my peers. I used their insults as my motivation to become better. At night, I would shoot some hoops and exercise. Eventually, I saw a change in my life, and that is when I realized that I am capable of exceeding great success. And my way of motivating myself got me to work harder. Success is not what you are born with but what you can create.

Skills of solving problems are very integral in making a difference in ones career. It is very imperative that an individual must endeavor to improve and enhance his creativity, to survive in this competitive globalized world. In this regard, the Executive BBA program will allow me to achieve my objective of specializing in the business field and becoming one of the top executive directors in the company. I have carried out comprehensive research regarding your institution and noted that useful articulation of knowledge and academic understandings are some of the important factors that will facilitate me to attain my degree from your reputable educational institution.

What have you done to make your school or your community a better place?

I have participated in numerous school and community programs that have immensely contributed to the development of these institutions. Due to my moral, ethical values and respectful demeanor, I feel that I would contribute to the community of the University of California quite well. To better elaborate, I sincerely enjoy helping those in need; Im currently a member of DBA, which is a congregation of my friends in primary school, and since my induction in 2012, I have served over 350+ hours of community service through projects such as blood drives, local clean-ups, purse and canned food drives, etcThat said, I am more than interested in participating in the service and engagement activities that the institution of University of California has available. Furthermore, during my enrollment in junior school, I served on a plethora of clubs such as the environmental club, Future Physicians, First Aid Team and the Pylon. In Future Physicians, I made major contributions in community development such as visiting childrens hospitals and participated in two blood bank. From these clubs, I managed to learn a lot from the business and medical world. I was also designated as the leader of the First Aid Team; this title obliged me to monitor the actions and behavior of all the club members while commanding and leading them by example. Words cannot explain how anxious I am to be a part of the university. I trust that my prior involvement in community development has more than prepared me for what is to come, and will allow me to bring some of my abilities and experience to an even higher consortium. Amongst these things, I would also like to participate in some of the other programs offered to the student body at California University. I do not doubt in mind that the University of California is the perfect institution for me. I would like to become more than just a prospective student.

Beyond what has already been shared in your application, what do you believe makes you stand out as a strong candidate for admissions to the University of California?

Besides my attributes described above, I stand out to be the most outstanding candidate for admission to the university since I am loyal, honest and fully understand the provisions of the institution. Additionally, from a scholastic standpoint, I am aware that California University has a prestigious business program(s) which stands as an essential element in the achievement of my career goals. In relevance to the business program, it is to my understanding that the university offers a learning opportunity in the various areas of marketing; I'm particularly interested in the field of the media business. To elaborate from my perspective: due to the endless technological advancements in today's world, the innovations in business media have proven to be the dominant factor in maintaining marketing success; having said that, I believe that studies in media business would show a beneficial track in the achievement of a BBA degree, and in later life, my business career.

There are several other striking reasons that drive e to join University of California besides quality business courses that it offers. The university has students and workers from diverse background. I would really love to work with diverse people who share my mindset and vision for the future. Just like me, it is crystal clear that majority of these people work or learn in this university due to its respect for the value of diversity. The trust, honesty and success of the UC can only be achieved if all the people that it contains respect these values. Considering my background as an American Sikh, I am certain that I will provide an innovative perspective in the search of knowledge in the university while helping it to grow and develop the basis for future success. This indeed is the greatest success that I can imagine.

The diverse culture of the University of California is not only related to the students and workers in it but also to its various specialized departments. In addition to the growth of its cultural and ethnic diversity, the university is developing a niche for every student. It has created a seamless interaction between facilities that enables different departments to offer a conducive and quality learning environment that represents the real world. Hence, the university is not just a special place for me but also an institution that will enable me to learn efficiently and socialize freely with others.

I would like to attend the University of California to take part in the privilege to learn at an institution that encourages spiritual and scholastic achievement. Attending California University would allow me to meet and befriend individuals from all reaches of the world whom may or may not share common religious beliefs and convictions as me. From this aspect, this will not only enable me to establish lifelong friendships but further my involvement in the Christian faith whilst discovering and educating myself on the traditions and practices of other ethnic and religious groups; though I am not pursuing a religious degree, I do intend to participate in the theological studies and activities that the University of California has to offer.


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