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The Support Services Needed by Buyers of Nike Shoes - Essay Sample

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Marketing is an essential a societal development and a key contributor to economic expansion for the Nike shoes business. Globally, marketing management draws much focus especially Nike shoes. Many enterprises especially in the first world work towards achieving sustainable production, storage, and supply of their products (Hudson, Huang, Roth, & Madden, 2016). `In the United States, both manufacture and supply of products require adequate marketing in one way or the other Just like the service providers, Nike shoes buyers consider social media a significant support service for the purchase of the shoes. The social media provides a platform where the buyers can select the best product among the many available products. The many people get to learn about the new products on social media and can also share what they like with friends. The presence of customer service department in the product processing companies is a crucial supportive service to the customers. For many companies, customer service is a critical area that determines their development.

Primarily, the failures of a company depend on its ability to meet the demands of their customers. In the absence of customers, almost all businesses would not to function. In fact, the demand for such services would reduce thereby reducing their major revenue source. Another supportive service used by the buyers is a reliable transport and communication system that makes it easy for them to get their products after purchase. Such services save the customers time and resources. The distinct positioning of a product associates it when a given market base is thereby increasing its market within the area. In many ways, the availability of support services significantly improves the sale and purchase of Nike shoe products. The approach, therefore, saves the consumers of the exorbitant transport cost in pursuit of such products that` can be availed to their doorsteps thereby increasing their desires to purchase the products.

The support services offered by the Nike shoes primary competitor and they differ from the Nike

Social media strategies for marketing strategies are significantly shaping the present global market. Nike competitors put in place online marketing system with a strong social media presence in their marketing plans. In the competitive global market, ignoring social media is a drawback to Nike Company (Hudson, Huang, Roth, & Madden, 2016). For instance, the competitors operate Facebook business pages, and a Twitter accounts for sharing the next locality, exclusive discounts, select tickets, and photos of the newest shoe products. However, developing the accounts is not the entire job. Perhaps, it is crucial to keep up with the social media activities which are the significant difference between Nike and other companies. Population growth and technological advancement play a critical role in influencing the production and distribution of products. Additionally, the increasing level of competition is flooding the market with many suppliers making them work extra hard to see more sales. Marketing enhances the attainment of a broader customer base to enable a company make more profits as a result of increased sales.

The increasing need for spots men and the growing number of sporting activities is a fundamental advantage to the Nike competitors making them produce more shoe products. In Europe for instance, many people like football and therefore purchase such kind of shoes. It is therefore indicative that such services help in supporting the growth of the shoe industry in many ways (Wei, 2014). In areas where sporting activities are frequent, more sales may take place which is an advantage to the sellers. Mostly, it is difficult to determine whether such supportive services differ from those used by Nike. The increasing level of globalization makes it difficult for a company to operate uniquely that the other companies may not be able to imitate. Therefore, the support services are almost similar to all the businesses including Nike.

Another critical supportive service used by Nikes competitors is the incorporation of bloggers to their business truck as a way of providing a trial and offer them gifts in line at the service window of the company (Zheng, Baskin, Dhar, & Peng, 2015). Courteously inquire if they would be ready to evaluate the shoe product truck and inform others of their experience through the online platforms. Unlike Nike, some shoe product bloggers poses large followings that their attention can have a significant impact on the sale of the product. Even a single write-up or mention on a major blog site may be huge to advertising efforts for the company. Such services help the competitors distribute their products promptly. For Nike to realize more sales, it has to focus on the primary supportive services that can help it reach a lot of customers. Likewise, it should promote the existence of specific services that make it easy for their clients to achieve them.


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