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Presentation Example: The Country of Choice for The Shop and Go Cart

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The Shop and Go Cart will be sold to the supermarkets and other big retailers. After launching this product in the United States and have it sell for a few months, we will launch it in other countries. The first country in mind is Canada, a decision we arrived after several considerations. The first reason is proximity of Canada to our local market. Consequently, we will be able to provide to Canada from the United States. This strategy will save us the cost of having to set up production units in the country. Secondly, it will be much easier to market the product in this country. It is evident that the American people have a lot of similarities with the Canadians.

We believe that VersaCarts will be successful in the two markets and have therefore proceeded to identify two more countries to launch after the U.S and Canada markets. The countries are the United Kingdom and France. The two countries will be our pilot investment in Europe. The decision to explore the European market further will be advised by the performance of the two nations. France is expected to do much better due to the high number of foreign shoppers.

Culture of the Geographical Area

Canada, just like the United States, is made up of heterogeneous societies. While most companies are torn between the dilemma of homogenous and heterogeneous groups, Varsecarts sees growth opportunity of servicing a diversified group. Different groups of people have different buying cultures which mean that Varsecarts will also need to diversify its marketing personnel. This will result in value-in-diversity perspective of human resource. Both the United Kingdom and France have heterogeneous people.

Communicating the Product in the New Market

We plan on launching the Shop and Go Cart in other foreign markets as a process rather than a one-time momentous event. In this regard, we will avail small volumes of the product in the market, improving the quantity with each release. Timing is a crucial determinant of the success rate of new product launches. Most of the shopping is done in the month of December, the peak period selected to fully avail the Shop and Go Carts in Canada. Just before the peak period, December, aggressive TV and radio commercials will be carried out throughout Canada to ensure that more people know of the products existence.

The Target Customers

Shop and Go Carts customers will mainly be the supermarkets and other big retailers in our target markets. The product will be offered at competitive prices so that all the targeted customers can afford it. Additionally, as our investment is a B2B product, it is necessary that the prices help to minimize the customers costs. In our local market, the United States, we target to sell Shop and Go Carts to various supermarkets including Costco, Walmart, Wegmans, and Kroger just to mention a few. In Canada, Costco, Loblaws, FreshCo, and Valu-mart are our key target customers. All our customers can afford the product.

Distribution Infrastructure of the Product

For Canada, in the initial stages of launching the product, production will be entirely based in the United States. As the demand for the product grows in this new market, we will consider setting up factories in the country to reduce the costs. A similar strategy will be used when penetrating the European market. However, due to the high costs of shipping overseas to Europe, we plan to set up factories in the United Kingdom as soon as the product sales pick.


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