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Leadership Theory: Understanding National Performance

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Leadership is the act of leading people in an organization or an institution. Leadership is founded on frameworks that enable leaders to direct and organize their followers at ease. Leadership theories are used to assist in the development of national standards in management. Heroic leaders over time have used leadership theories such as situational leadership and contingency theory. They are known to provide valuable insights for auspicious leadership qualities.

In terms of national performance, leadership development initiatives such as legal and ethical responsibilities highly contribute to positive outcomes like economic stability. In a nation, successful leadership is weighed through proper budgeting and accountability of national resources. Honesty and integrity are highly valued. However, the national performance could be a success while the local outcomes a total failure. This might be as a result of the lack of local empowerment. It happens when the resources provided by the government at the national level are not appropriately used. Nevertheless, whenever there is good coordination between the national and the local government, the outcome at the national level will be reflected at the local level. The local community where the resources are appropriately used differ from the local community where the fund from the national government is misused. The leadership at the local level will hence determine the outcome of the local compared to that of national performance.

Effective education leadership shows significant improvement in learning. School reforms offer educators, policymakers in promoting successful schools. Leadership, in this case, is used as a tool for teaching students while setting directions for them in expectation of good performance. It also provides teachers and students with a support system. Effective policies and practice enhance the improvement of the school if the right leadership styles are adopted.

Leadership development programs should be adopted for training leaders on how to run their operations. Lyndon B Johnson is one of the most successful leaders in the early 1960's. He is termed as a legendary leader due to his ability to portray his leadership skills. He was determined to face challenges to rescue the suffering and prosperity of the people. He had the vision to ensure that the minorities in the United States prosper. It was during his leadership period that amendment acts that help to overcome shameful racial discrimination and slavery history were abolished with the idea of racial equality. Besides, he was a courageous leader who used his political capital on great task despite knowing that he was putting his re-election in jeopardy. He portrayed a combination of leadership quality which includes courage, skills, timing, and visioning. In contemporary society, there are also some leaders who have represented some leadership qualities that need to be adopted by other leaders. An example is Barack Obama who comes from a humble background but has been a great inspiration to many people all over the world. Bill Clinton who was a former president of the United States is also a great leader who has been using his power and resources to make the world a better place.

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