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Term Paper Example: Debate Against Circumcision Stance

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Term paper
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Circumcision has been debated about for some years now. As such, a child should not be exposed to such a practice at an early age and should be allowed to grow up and decide for himself or herself. There has been a tussle between the court and the religious leaders who think of the violation of religious freedom. Consequently, circumcision of children is seen by the nurses as non- therapeutic and a violation of physical and mental stability of a child. As stated by American Nurses Association (2015), a nurse is centered on taking care of their patients verbally, non-verbally, and interpersonally. As such, there are debates against circumcision from different stakeholders in the society.

Non-therapeutic practices aimed at circumcising small children are unethical and a violation of childrens rights. As stated by Ackley and Ladwig (2017), a nurse is expected to care for the patient and the care does not decrease with the introduction of non-expensive technology or cultural requirements. The circumcision process is a painful procedure, which sets an infant to unnecessary pain. The removal of the foreskin does not prevent diseases like cancer as people had believed earlier. As such, the nurses view this process as a traumatic experience for the patient and the mother (Pilliteri, 2014). Nurses should resist this kind of action and educate parents on the process.

Nurses are expected to maintain quality control in their actions. This is achieved by providing the ultimate care to their patients knowing that circumcision can cause over-bleeding and infection at that operated part of the body. Nurses code of conduct is against any practice that may harm the patient and aims at having compassion towards the patient, conduct research before administering any medication or health procedure, and protect the human rights while reducing health discrepancies (Burchum & Rosenthal, 2016). Therefore, according to the Association of Womens Health, Obstetric, and Neonatal Nurses (2016), nurses are protected if they do not want to conduct some operations even based on morals or religion. Circumcision causing injuries and risks of meatitis is a practice that the society should do away with until the infant grows up to make that decision.


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