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Becoming a Better Nurse - Paper Example

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An episode of the Good Doctor comes on screen immediately I turn my screen on and all I can imagine is waking up in the morning and heading to work as a certified medical practitioner. It takes a lot of time. It is really demanding. It requires plenty of time. Those are some of the thoughts I come across when discussing about acquiring my bachelors of science in nursing with my friends. Nonetheless, I am passionate about my dream of becoming a competent professional in the field. My name is (Your name). I am (years old). Hopefully acquiring the degree will add more status to my name. The professional responsibility and giving back to the society motivate me to pursue my bachelors of science in nursing. Today I will talk about why I want to pursue the degree.

A. personal dream; to become more marketable

B.Interests: I am a leader at heart

C.Future goal: becoming a better nurse

I. Personal Dreams

A. To become more marketable

The degree presents an opportunity for advancement from being just a registered nurse. I am passionate about being among the best nursing practitioners in terms of skills and expertise. Such an opportunity realizes the vision. The degree presents an opportunity of learning and acquiring more skills and knowledge in the nursing field. The medical field is evolving in regards to preventive care and the fact that diseases are continuing to become more complex. Pursuing the degree provides me with the opportunity to adapt to the changes and exhibit competency in the field. In other words, getting the degree will make me more marketable in addition to positioning me at a level where I may get the job that I desire. A part from career advancement and acquisition of further knowledge and skills, the degree aligns with my personal interests.

II. Interests

A.I am leader at heart

I believe that I am a natural leader in every activity that I engage in. I enjoy providing guidance where necessary and as per my knowledge in addition to working with others to fulfil various goals and objectives. Nonetheless, I believe that there is more to learn on leadership particularly on professional growth. Nurses with the BSN degree are viewed to be competent in leadership, management of cases, and promotion of health in addition to the ability of practicing in both outpatient and inpatient environments. I desire to improve my leadership skills and be influential in any environment and hence the essence of pursuing a bachelors of science in nursing. A part from leadership interests, my future goal of becoming a better nurse also comes into perspective in pursuing the degree.

III. Future Goal

A.Becoming a better nurse

Pursuing the degree acts a step in advancing my nursing career. It implies having more opportunities in pursuing my masters and doctoral programs. Therefore for me to become a better nurse, having the degree will be a great advantage.

I.Summary of main points

As stated earlier, I want to pursue the degree, to become more marketable, to pursue my leadership interests and to become a better nurse.

II.Reinforce central idea

From a personal perspective, the professional responsibility and giving back to the society motivate me to pursue my bachelors of science in nursing.

III.Refer to the introductory story (attention getter) and end the speech.

Everyone wants to be the good doctor, right?


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