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The Concept of Enhancement in Business - Book Review Example

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Sewanee University of the South
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Book review
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Use your own words to explain clearly what the important points are about

The enhancement jobs will be protected jobs and thus will be the best jobs. The enhancement of the job is a clear indicator which is almost being considered with almost all the individuals. Ever y sector needs innovation and also the improvement in technology to ensure proper improvement in the jobs which will be protected through the use of a properly skilled workforce.

The new technology should enhance further the protection of jobs through such innovation like the automation of the various process. Achieve this can even through automating almost all the sectors of the job system.

The enhancement of technology which is of great importance to human beings

There are various important things in the enhancement of job, which is always being overlooked. This is in the relationship between enhancing the job and also the use of technology to do search services like automation of the system. In any battle of a business opportunity, the winner is always those people who believe in the progress which is created or generated by the use of technology. And this is always innovation of new ideas and automation of the system.

The amplification of human performance using the machine

The human production can highly be increased through the use of devices to generate the rather manual operated jobs done by he human being. This will be accomplished because the speed of the production will be increased and also the level of accuracy will be maximized. Human beings are prone to error while machines are very accurate and therefore quality in the production will be highly looked upon.

What you can do everyday partner with a machine

There are various things which you can do with the machine mainly to enhance the production. First, you need to consider various factors such as, where does the opportunity exist?, will the use of the machine be more productive and at the same time economical?. After considering such like factors then you can proceed to partner with your machine to ensure that you produce the quality product and also save on time consumption.

Proper and good enhancement in the office

A proper enhancement in the position will ensure smooth flow of services and thus faster production. All the organization and human benefits are determined by how the office is to enhance and maintain. This includes proper and convenient convey the information required in almost all then department with then latest technology such as the wireless communication system.

Show examples where you can apply the concepts learned in other businesses

The concepts learned can be highly applied to other businesses such as the food production companies where there is need to ensure that proper and safe products are used which can be safe for human consumption. A lot of automation and innovation are therefore needed here to ensure that no contamination is caused by the manual human operation. This can highly be achieved through innovation and the use of a machine.


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