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Business Essay Example: A Code of Ethics

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We promise to:

1. Value each customer and treat them with utmost care and respect; observing strictly the laws that prohibit any form of discrimination.

2. Deliver quality services to our customers and ensure that the customer service desk is open to queries and complaints.

3. Give an explicit representation of our products in our advertisements by logically and factually explaining their uses in an informative manner and strict compliance with the laws governing advertising.

4. Listen to consumer complaints and resolve these in a timely and courteous manner to ensure customer satisfaction.

5. Consider all the environmental factors such as the ecological, sociopolitical, and technical aspects of the manufacturing process in a bid to protect and conserve the environment within which the business operates.

6. Display the prices and discounts on our products and services for the consumers economic convenience.

7. Precisely and concisely report all financial and licensing details of the company to reveal the business real worth and to ensure that all the legal regulations are met.

8. Make available the top leadership of the organization whenever consumers require their attention to specific issues.

9. Treat all client information with confidentiality unless otherwise stated to protect our consumers integrity.

10. Transparently record all our promises and agreements with the intention of precisely delivering what we pledge and never going back on our word.

The elements that are included in the code of ethics herein serve to reflect the business values in all its dealings. The business intends to value its interactions with consumers by assuring them that they will be treated respectfully heedless of their characteristics. Further, these ethics reveal that the management cares about the companys operations and expects all its employees to uphold the code of ethics (Kolb, 2008). The company pledges to take personal responsibility for their products and services in a bid to assure consumers of their accountability. Additionally, the business is interested in complying with any laws such as those that apply to environmental conservation and advertisement; as part of the daily business interactions.

To an employer, a code of ethics facilitates the identification and mitigation of any looming legal and regulatory violations (Stanwick & Stanwick, 2016). Also, consumers and stakeholders often review a business code of ethics inherently basing their investment decisions and expectations on these. Therefore, a good code of ethics begets a great goodwill. On the part of the employee, a code of ethics offers a greater understanding of the companys expectations. Similarly, employees base their anticipations from the company according to these codes. Inherently, an excellent employer-employee relationship is cultivated. Furthermore, the code of ethics is a roadmap to the employees who can use this as guidance on any questions or concerns that may arise at the workplace (Stanwick & Stanwick, 2016).

Kolb (2008) indicates that the first step in the implementation of a code of ethics is to communicate its contents to all employees. Communication is a never-ending process that is instrumental in creating awareness on the importance of adhering to a business ethics. The business set-up should be in such a way as to provide the necessary architecture that supports the ethical codes. For instance, employees need to be familiar with all the business products and services to adequately address customer queries. Finally, one should dedicate their time to gathering and analyzing ethical performance data in a bid to assess the appropriateness of the code of ethics.



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Stanwick, P. A., & Stanwick, S. D. (2016). Understanding business ethics.


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