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Term Paper Example: The Spiritual and the Material in Beauty and the Beast

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Term paper
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Fairytales are the metaphorical spiritual teachings. Such teachings are similar to religious metaphors and religious texts. The teachings are much related to women due to their lunar, imaginative and abstract nature. The fairytales come with teachings of the aspects of life paths. The story of the Beauty and the Beast explores both the path of a female and a male person who in this case is a beast through its reflection on the spiritual and the material. The part one; the man and woman who are in the brink of a spiritual path and the part two; the man and the woman who is now embarking on the spiritual path in the Beauty and the Beast have fully been developed by its aspects of spiritual and material.

The spiritual and the material has been much reflected in the Beauty and the Beast. In part one of the books, for instance, introduces us to the classical traits of a man who is ready to embark on a spiritual path. The beast before it was cursed and still a man, is, for instance, sitting at top of the world. In this case, the prince is dwelling in a cosmically and as a man with all the material needs, he could ever have. However, he is not satisfied with whatever he has and shows acts of rudeness and unhappy moods. This is what represents the ideal state of a person spiritually and internally, who is ready for a spiritual path. However, note that this is not always externally obvious in that one doesnt need to be rich physically in order to embark on a spiritual path.

However one needs to be karmically full and even rich of good merits showing no interests of the material world. At the end of the second stage of the nakshatras and when he is almost entering the refinement spiritual stage and as a result of the planetary influence, the man achieves all, however, disillusioned with the successes he has, he is sprung cosmically into Mula nakshatra. In this case, Mula can be described and symbolized as a who is sitting at the top of a tower and who is stuck between a doom that is failing for him to find spirituality.

The beasts time in the limbo, especially at this dower, is what represents the struggle he goes through for him to come out victorious in the Mula nakshatra intense spiritual test (Shukra). The evil aspect of Hera is represented by the woman who is an old beggar and who comes to the door offering a rose that is related to Mula. Note that that the Goddess Lilith is wrathful and has come to consume her children who try to break out into the liberation. The goddess presents with a kind of test and gives him a chance of making it in life and becoming liberated. The spark, however, puts him in spiritual growth that is full of hardships. Dhumvati Sadhana is only for those people that are advanced adepts and who are much ready for this stage. The initial thing that she is after is destroying all the parts of creation and who engage not in its material dramas as she believes that such is not supposed to exist.

The above forces leave the beast with no option other than to choose a true spiritual path. Dhumvati and Mula carry out an attack on the mans heart center (Shukra). This is what is symbolized by a rose and a need to find a woman that he can love and woman that could love him to at least actualize his soul. He has to ensure that he enriches his heart center. The witch and in this case the enchantress in disguise claims that by 21st year, he will find love. Note that the 21st tarot is the universe and the card that is of great work in both the end and the beginning. 21 becomes a mystical number of beauty or rather the Tiphareth. This further links the symbolism of the rose to the heart because he must learn how to love just like the rose is Venus and something that the goddess gave him. He has, therefore, to find the grace of this goddess by finding a woman.

A woman as well in the chapter one of the Beauty and the Beast is in a perfect position to start spiritual practice. Belle, in the first scene, for instance, depicts a yearning of having a life that has a more meaning. Take a look at how she sings There must be something more than this provincial life and I want more than theyve got planned (Shukra). As she sings, she is looking at others who are engaging in the mundane. This reflects a woman who is a more serious in search of something. She is seeking an occult that is even not known to her. She experiences a lot of challenges as the town people who in this case represent the yin field and the shallow masses linar nature wants to have a control over her and above all, wants to pull her back and approve not her search for truths. However, Belle is certain of one thing; she must strive hard and break out of the untrained failing masses if at all she has to be individuated.

Part two, of the Beast and the Beauty, has materials and the spiritual nature as well. It is basically an embarked journey of a man and a woman who are in the spiritual path. For instance, in the first scene, the father of Belle has been kidnapped by the beast (Shukra). This is a metaphor that the male adept needs to astrally pull in a woman by overcoming the fathers yang. A man needs to come with a yang that is much stronger if at all he has to get a spiritually inclined woman and an intelligent one for that matter. With a strong young, the responsibility of a father towards the daughter can now be transferred to the man. Just like a king in the custom ancients had to fight and overcome another man in battle, the same way it is reflected astrally in the Beauty and the Beast when a woman has been pulled from the father to her spiritual partner force.

In the beginning of the Beauty and the Beast, the turmoil is a significant one. It reflects the accurate struggles that a woman goes through when she has come into contact with a spiritual man. This is having in mind that at such point, the man is not refined and he has to be refined. This makes a man a beast at this point because, in one way or the other, he is trapped in the animal nature even though he is aware of it and its repulsiveness. The man has, therefore, to learn how to control his Mars and in this case represented by the hairiness, animalistic nature and the coarseness in his actions.

At some point in the Beauty and the Beast, there is a revealing moment when the beast gifts Belle his entire library. This is what signifies a mystery in the woman path because it is at such point when the woman brings all her devotion, innate intelligence, and discrimination to the man (Shukra). Through the occult studies that are represented in the huge library and the possession of the magical tools, for instance, the magic book and the magic mirror the beast knows that he needs to redeem the woman for him to save their hearts from getting lost as symbolized by the rose. Note that women who are ever imitating men and who approach spirituality as something that is kind of an intellectual battle and on the other side crave to only teach others, they have low level of understanding that they can actually be at the same level with the men that they are committed to and who they engage in sexual practices with. It is therefore always important that the teacher of a woman be more of a lover.

In conclusion, there is a lot in terms of the spiritual and the materials that are told in the Beauty and the Beast. The story is a fairytale that has shown professionalism. It is unique in its own way and much more, specialized in a manner that is mysterious in understanding the woman path. It has a lot that it reveals about an individual path and the kind of future relationship he or she is likely to face especially when it comes to understanding its spiritual and material used. Its a recommendable book for serious readers because it leaves a lot in the mind of any reader. The scope and the flow are exceptional. The materials that are used in the book and the paths of spirituality are unforgettable.


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