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Palm Trees in the Snow - Movie Review Example

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Vanderbilt University
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Movie review
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Not every movie I have watched has ended up leaving a big influence on me. The Palm Trees in the Snow did. The movie is so deep, interesting and sad as well. For one to fully understand everything concerning it, a high level of concentration is needed. What even shocked me most is how the movie ended and fifteen minutes later, I was on my knees crying and I couldnt help it. The movie has a lot of historical happenings besides the movie plot itself. After watching the movie I had nothing else left other than to think deeply about the kind of life that African people have. I am positive that any other person will be left with such a mind after watching the film. The phenomenal actors in the movie bring one into life, leaving lots of marks on the head and therefore, I highly recommend the movie for brilliant persons.

The setting of the Palm Trees in the Snow is an exceptional one. Visually, it has a lot to tell to the eyes of the viewer as it is one of the most spectacular Spanish films that I have come across most especially in the aspect of the location. It drives emotions than any of my watched performances. For instance, when I look at the character that Killian displays, a lot can be admired and revealed about persons. He churns out with lots of uncertainties about his true identity. I think this is a good experience that the film puts its viewers in. The majority have a lot of questions that they ask about their lives. They are ever uncertain of what could probably happen tomorrow. They are not even sure of what good or bad would come with tomorrow. The film through manipulation of emotions has a lot to tell the viewer that they should be comfortable with today because tomorrow might not be there to have an experience of.

The film has a lot to reveal about the colonialism complexities, especially to the Africans. I tend to believe this is so having in mind that countries that underwent colonialism ended up losing valued opportunities. For instance, power relationships are revealed to a greater extent by the film. The shifts that were towards the notion of independence among colonized countries are revealed by the film as well. One is exposed to major questions concerning life. When the film reveals the change in power relations in both black and the whites, a viewer is subjected to a question such as whether the relationships between men and women change. For instance, when I take how trees have been used in the film, I am made to believe that they dutifully take the political aims at both sexism and racism. Take for instance how Julia acts best in this where she dances together with other women. She in this forgets about some certain diminishing aspects of life such as racial differences.

Conclusively, from such, the movie scores excellently in terms of what really a good film should look like. A true movie should compel positive virtues to its viewers. Movies should show true things and eternal values in life just like the Palm Trees in the Snow. The end of the movie itself is a great show of a quality movie. It simply ends with simplest things that matter in life like have you ever loved, were you really fateful, did you have dignity? Such is real life experiences that people are going through even to today. Watch it and experience life.

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