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American Popular Culture-Music Review - Paper Example

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A pivotal period in the American history in term of race relations was in the year 1963. Moreover, this is the year that the most famous activist Martin Luther King Jr. and other civil rights lobbyists formed a non- violent campaign to protest against the high level of desegregation in public entities in Birmingham (Loewen, 2005). As a result, the legal authorities disrupted the demonstrations by turning fire hoses and the police officers to the demonstrators. Also, in the current American society, there still exist occurrences of racisms especially on the blacks, Asians, and Latinos (Singer, 2005). Additionally, these individuals have occasionally received ill-treatment, access to inadequate services, judgmental comments and are often suspected because of their skin color by the Whites.


Though there was the passing of the civil right laws in the year 1960, racial discrimination continues to prevalent in the American society as most of the non-American faces discrimination in the access of social amenities, housing, leadership positions and employment opportunities. Moreover, nowadays nonwhites tend not to be mistreated by the white only, but it has been diverse as it has been based on biases on stereotypes that exist among the individuals (Loewen, 2005). Additionally, the presence of persisting biases has contributed to the existence of social segregation in the American society. Furthermore, individuals of diverse races tend to have minimal opportunities in the community in forming friendships and interacting with each other (Singer, 2005). Also, the presence of the negative stereotype has a negative impact which has enhanced the development of social discrimination which has promoted disparities in education and economic between the minority groups and the whites.

Furthermore, the American music industry has taken a turning point by advocating togetherness and addressing some of the social issues affecting the society such as racism. For instance, members of Dr, Dre, Ice Cube, Eazy E, MC Ren and Dj Yella questioned law enforcement on their tactics that were based on racial discrimination that made most of the blacks and the minorities in America to feel misunderstood and overlooked (Finley, 2015). Moreover, the production of the Straight Outta Campton by Dr. Dre and Ice Cube emphasized on the persisting racial profiles of members of the group and the law enforcement officials. Police harassments that were experienced in the 80s and 90s are some of the issues that black American faced and still face currently (Finley, 2015). Additionally, more than 700 individuals were killed in the year 2015 by the police and other agencies that enforce laws (Finley, 2015).

Some of the songs that have engaged in the redressing of the racism in the American society include the following:

Firstly, changes a song sung by Tupac Shakur aimed at advocating for change in the American culture. Also, the song focused more on combating racism that existed and the stoppage of different individual treatment by others based on their nationality and skin color. Additionally, the primary theme of this song based on the injustices experienced by the African Americans such poverty, racism and racial profiling (Shakur, 1998). Tupac expressed the need of curbing poverty and racism that most of the black American faced. Tupac emphasized in the song that there was the need for change in perceptions and embraces equality. According to the songs lyrics, it highly based on counteracting the stereotypes, unfair treatment and the dislikes towards black American individuals. Tupac Shakur advocated against racism in most of his song as he was one of the victims of abuse by local authorities. Moreover, he was against women exploitation and the use of excessive force by local law enforcement officers.

Secondly, the song doesn't shoot, The Game has aimed at the persuasion of all hip hop rappers in the music industry to venture into a meaningful purpose to the society. Moreover, the game intends to gain the sense of responsibility in the nation by speaking out the demise of Michael Brown which was racially related (Schmidt, 2015). Also, the song being collaborative, it persuades the listeners to engage in spearheading change in the society through promoting unity and equality. According to the songs lyrics, the Game challenges most of the artists and individuals in the community, in general, to utilize their talents to express themselves in discouraging the high rates of discrimination that exist in the society (Schmidt, 2015). Additionally, the game's lyrics advocate for the free of expression and individuals should maintain unity because it is a blessing. Furthermore, he argues that people need to join hands and work together and utilize their voices as a tool for change.

The third is a song Black Rage by Lauryn Hill. According to her lyrics, Hill emphasizes that oppression based on race was not one of her desired things (Schmidt, 2015). Moreover, the song outlays the rage felt by the artist because of the presence of racial discrimination in the American society. According to the song lyrics, it puts a clear description of the legal, social and economic discrimination in the American history in a manner that is clear and simple (Schmidt, 2015). Additionally, the song reveals how the black American is still in chains of oppression in the American society. Furthermore, the song was dedicated to Ferguson after the shooting of Michael Brown by the police.

Fourth, is the song Be Free by J. Cole even though the song was not more directs on the racial oppression in the American society but it was sung to address the demise of Michael Brown. According to the lyrics of the song, it stated that the Americans specifically the minority and the black communities should be free as the chains of oppression should be broken (Schmidt, 2015). Moreover, the lyrics emphasized that the world should be full of peace and the society to alleviate the existing social injustices. Furthermore, the primary emphasis is that for the American and the world to remain free, there should be peace among individual and absence of social, political and economic injustices.

Fifth, the song that focused on bringing change in the society after the killing of Michael Brown was same as it ever was by Michael Franti. Moreover, the primary focus of this song was not blamed people for the injustices cases but to overcome them. Additionally, the song was driven by igniting emotional change to enhance the presence of a peaceful society. According to the song's lyrics, the world tends to be in aggression as most of the individuals in American society possess guns (Schmidt, 2015). Consequently, the song emphasizes that for peace to coexist, individuals should be able to receive justice and equal treatment in the society.

Racism is a societal issue that continues to prevail in the American society mostly affecting the minority groups including the African American. Racism cropped in the US as result of the initiatives that directed at the abolition of slavery. Thus, racism has been more prominent as an outcome of American slavery and continues to exist in the current society. Moreover, the prevalence of racism has directed the music industry to channel its energies in passing messages that enhance equality and discouragement of racism. Majority of artists have created awareness through their songs on the prevalence of the issues and the need to combat racism. Additionally, the most felt contributor to racism was the existing stereotypes among individuals and oppression from the law enforcement officers.

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