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Success: Different Perspectives and Definitions

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The cognitive definition of success according to the dictionary is a victory. A victory means winning or achieving or accomplishing a mission, an aim or a purpose (Templeton, 2004 Pp 12). Success has many viewpoints and angles depending on different peoples and different situations. There is a way in the society that view success and there is the cognition definition. In society, success is measured by the status of life of an individual, the property they own and what they can afford. Every person has his or her own definition of what success is and who is a successful person. People can be successful in different ways as one person's success may not be another person's success.

Success is personal perspective towards life, goals, and targets. People have different visions and goals in life so they set up targets that should be achieved so making success get very different meanings according to the goal holders. People though categorize success according to a person's way of life, the education one has, the amount of physical property, money and the rank in the work fields (Heslin, 2005, Pp 105-111). People might view an individual as a successful person but according to them, they haven't achieved their dreams so they don't view themselves as successful. Most people categorize other people, it is how society is.

Success can be planned and sometimes it happens naturally. There is a success that can be measured and some cannot be measured. Success is planning an occasion laying down targets, goals and the expected outcome and it comes to pass as expected. This type of success was expected and it could also have failed so this could have been measured. Still in this case success may be in different categories, an event might happen as planned and achieve the goals but in a weak or strong manner, so there can be just success and maximum success. Also in the cases of employment, there is a success and the maximum success that can be achieved. Being promoted in a job position is a success but there are people in higher ranks than where one has been promoted to and there is also the highest rank which is the maximum success to be achieved that specific situation. In the job sector, the person who holds the highest rank can be described as successful by the people who are under him or her. But in these situations, there are people on the lower ranks but in a better job group than those with the high ranks. (Chan,2004 Pp 203-221) In this case, it is personally determined what success is because it depending on what the individuals want. Some want money and some want to be seen as bosses. Success is satisfaction as a person can never achieve everything and as soon as one target is achieved new ones are immediately set up. People don't get satisfied with what they have, they always want more plus new good stuff come up every day.

Success is personal and it should be. People have different chances and opportunities in life so you cannot box them. Success is also diverse as people are in different fields of work. Different situations determine success, so there may a person looking less successful but in the real case he or she is the successful one though the society doesn't see the success that way. People in the same economic status usually group themselves together. These groups are successful in one way or the other in society. Every group view the other group in the better economic status as successful and dream and work to reach that status but as soon as one reaches there they want to go to the next economic group.

Success can be seen as accomplishments. The steps challenges that one has overcome through his life can be referred to as a success. People work hard to pay for basic needs and once that is achieved it is a success. There are also people who don't have to work for basic needs but to sell the basic needs which are also a success. Success is diverse and every situation can be a success or a failure. Some people are successful while others are more successful. They might be in the same situation but one emerges better than the other, so they are both successful but one is more successful.

Setting up targets is the best way to describe success. People may be in the same situation of job group but with different targets and visions. If all those people achieve their targets that's a success. The dictionary definition of success is correct in this perspective. When a person sets and achieves their targets that success. But also there is the success that is achieved even without setting up the targets. Victory has to be planned and worked on to be achieved. Either way, success is earned, one can be successful in life without planning for it or the amount of success that came in the way but it was earned in one way or another, directly or indirectly.

Success is viewed as a victory or the amount of money and worldly property one has but it is also satisfaction. Being healthy and having a piece of mind that's a success. There are those people that are viewed as successful but have very many problems compared to those viewed as less successful. Being able to put food on the table to a healthy and happy family that's a success. Success is personal happiness. Success is being able to wake up every morning in a sober mind and with no illness. Success should not be categorized, because people don't have the same opportunities and chances in life. People come from different environments and see success differently than others.

The dictionary also defines success as gaining fame. Fame is two way, it can be positive fame or negative fame. Fame in a positive manner is a success but other fame that comes through doing bad stuff cannot be defined as success. In the social morals and characters of a person define how other people see and think about an individual. If the society doesn't respect a person then they cannot be referred to as successful. Successful is not always the top figures in society. They may have fame but with many troubles in their lives. Having a family is a success. Successful people keep to their self and do not always seek money but respect.

Success is mostly used to refer to a good outcome but it can be also from bad deeds. Success should be used to represent the better things and the good significant events that have happened in a person life.

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