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Essay on Feminist Thought: Susan B. Anthony

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Susan B. Anthony was an American feminist who played a significant role in the woman suffrage movement. She is an important part of history because she advocated for equality in both men and women. She impacted and changed the course of history by giving women the chance to vote. The paper discusses Susan B. Anthonys three most valuable achievements.

The first valuable achievement of Susan B. Anthony was that she fought for the womans right to vote. The Center for American Women and Politics (p.1) indicates that Anthony founded the American Equal Rights Suffrage in 1866. The organization aimed at securing equal rights to all American citizens. It adds that Anthony took part in writing the 19th Amendment, which gave women the opportunity to vote. In essence, womens right to vote was one of her greatest achievement. Women should have equal rights as men. Today, women would not have managed to cast their vote in elections if the women suffrage movement would not have existed.

The second valuable achievement is that she fought to free slaves. Richards (p.191) affirms that in 1863, during the civil war, Anthony founded the Womens Loyal League, which focused on freeing slaves. The authors affirm that Anthony worked with Elizabeth Stanton to make an amendment to the constitution that would abolish slavery. Fundamentally, Anthony minimized the oppression faced by Slaves before and during the Civil War. From an ethical perspective, abolition of slavery was important because it helped to promote human welfare.

The third valuable achievement is that she fought for married women to own and control property rights. Anthony played a role in passing the Married Womens Property Act. Rapp (p.2) affirms that the Act gives wives in New York the opportunity to hold property and conduct businesses independently from their husbands. The author explains that the law passed in 1860. However, the author states that the courts could not be relied on to give women their due. On a broader perspective, although sections of the legislation were revoked, Anthonys efforts improved the rights for married women.

In summary, Susan B. Anthony was one of the most powerful feminists in human history. From a personal perspective, Anthony is a hero because she fought hard to ensure that women had equal rights as men. She devoted most of her time to social issues. Today, the US government considers women and African American individuals as full citizens. Overall, Anthonys hard work helped to transform progressive reforms in the contemporary world.


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